Use Magento Quotation Extension: Make your Business Customer-Centric

The Magento quotation extension gives your customers an opportunity to negotiate deals with you. Whether it is product specifications, prices or quantities, customers can request a quote and connect with the store admin quickly. The extension makes your business customer-centric and improves store performance. It is definitely better for business.

Having a successful e-commerce business means offering what your customers need even before they feel the need for it. Being customer-centric is better for business! It's not just about beating your competitors and winning a larger market share. One way of gaining a large base of loyal customers is to provide them with quick and easy access to your products. If you are looking for ways to convert customer queries to orders, there is one Magento extension that will truly benefit you: Magento Request for Quote module. It is often called the quotation manager or the quotation extension as it allows you to manage the quotes and negotiate with customers in a quicker, more organized way.

What is the Need for Magento Quotation Extension?

  1. B2B customers are rarely satisfied with the price. Hence, they call for price or email online stores to get the best deal. It increases the time to convert the quote to order.
  1. Unable to predict market dynamics and set a profitable price? If you need to build a pricing strategy, use the Magento quotation manager to learn customers’ price preferences.
  1. Managing customer queries over the phone is difficult to track and manage. It can lead to confusion and ultimately, loss of business.
  1. Wholesale customers are looking for customized product offerings. If it takes time to communicate with you, you may lose the sale to your competitors.
  1. In today’s world of business, data is precious. You will be able to collect useful information from customers and create product offerings to match their latent needs.

By using the Magento quotation extension, you will be able to address all the issues and build a profitable pricing strategy that will lead to improved store performance over time. Interact with customers, send personalized quotes and generate more business! Install the extension and include a “Request for Quote” button for products. If customers want to discuss the price, talk about the quantities and negotiate a deal, they can simply hit the button, fill out the details and communicate with the store owner. As a store owner, you can create customized quotes, offer discounts, revise quotations and do much more to offer personalized services.

What are the features of the Magento Request for Quote Extension?

  1. Customers can request a quote from any page.
  2. Buyers can request a quote for multiple products at a time.
  3. You can use it for all types of products including: simple, bundled, grouped, configurable, downloadable, virtual, etc.
  4. Built-in Mini Quote Cart so that buyers can check out products added to the quote and edit them from any page they want.
  5. Guest visitors can use “Add to Quote” or “Request for Quote” button. They can also create an account from the quote page directly.
  6. Customers can submit the proposed price while submitting their quote. It aids in quick negotiation.
  7. Admins can manage the quotes from a centralized dashboard.
  8. You can delegate quotations to multiple admins and address customers’ needs quickly and more efficiently.
  9. Get customized, professional email templates to increase the conversion of queries into orders.
  10. You can display prices along with shipping and taxes for better clarity.
  11. Send proposals in PDF format to the customers. There is a feature to add file attachments to the proposal.
  12. You can auto-approve the quote if the submitted quote is less than the discount limit pre-specified by the admin.
  13. Remind customers of the quote expiration and encourage them to take action.
  14. You can also notify them as and when a quote is revised.
  15. Customers can directly confirm the quote and checkout to place the order quickly.
  16. The extension supports translation via Magento Localization features. 

 Make an Investment: Earn Rewards

Your customers are your investment. It is said that acquiring new customers is 5 times more expensive than retaining the existing ones. Customer loyalty is good for business. And the majority of customers shun a business because of lack of communication. Use the Magento Quotation extension to build a solid base of loyal customers. This will help you to understand customer needs and provide you with an opportunity to streamline your products to match customer expectations. It will increase repeat customers and increase revenue. Sounds like a win-win situation, doesn’t it?

Regardless of the Magento version you use for your e-commerce website, can help you customize quotes for customers. Use M1 quotation module for your Magento 1 store. If you are using the latest M2 version, choose Magento 2 Request for Quotes extension. It’s time to personalized your product offerings and pricing strategies to build a loyal customer base. Do it now. It is better for your business.

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