Boost Sales: Top 10 Magento Extensions to save the Day!

A quick Google search of best Magento extensions will provide you with a plethora of results. It can leave you confused and frustrated. When it comes to choosing modules that boost sales, you need to make an informed decision. Learn about 10 different Magento extensions that will improve customer experience and increase the sales digits.

Shopping online is no joke! With a large plethora of online shopping platforms available to consumers, things are getting complicated. Customers are looking for ease and simplicity. If you can ensure a seamless shopping experience with quality products and services, you will be able to build a loyal customer base.

And, how to give your customers what they need? How to make your store more functional for them? The answer is simple. There are several Magento extensions available in the market that can boost sales and increase repeat orders.

Increase Sales with the Help of Magento Extensions

When you own a Magento website, it can get overwhelming to know the number of extensions available out there. To make the lives of admins simpler, here’s a list of top Magento extensions that can improve sales.

1. Mega Menu Extension

When a customer visits your site, he should be able to navigate easily. Use Mega menu extension to customize the website menu and make it unique, accessible and helpful. It makes organizing different website categories, products pages, CMS pages and other pages quicker than before. Opt for a module that allows you to customize menu styles, edit menu/sub-menu items and highlight menu items of your choice.

2. Best Seller Products Extension

Customers should first see your top-selling products. They want to buy popular products because it gives them a chance to follow trends and choose products that are a safe choice. Install best seller products extension. The admin can display products in different layouts such as grid and slider. Manual and automatic display options are easily available. When buying the module, check that it works with all products types including grouped, configurable and bundled products.

3. YMM Product Parts Finder

When you sell a large number of products, product parts finder can save your life. The Magento extension allows you to create a drop-down filter. Now, the common filters include the year of manufacture, make and model of the product. But, if you choose a highly functional extension, you will be able to create custom fields and drop-down filters according to your requirements. Make sure that the module is able to filter results based on multiple values selected by the buyer.

4. Advanced Search Module

Customers should be able to find products quickly. The faster they find what they want, the better will be your sales number. Also called the Ajax quick search extension, it lets customers find products easily. They can simply type keywords in the search box and get relevant results instantly. The admin will be able to display all pages including product pages, CMS pages, category pages, etc. in the results. You will have the option of displaying product details such as SKU, price, image, etc.

5. Ajax Quick View Extension

Another Ajax-based Magento module that’s pretty common among storeowners is the quick view pop-up extension. It makes shopping swift and lets buyers shop for more products. When customers hover on a product image, a product preview window will appear. They will be able to select quantity, color and other features from the pop-up window. Use it to display related products in the pop-up and work on increasing sales.

6. Product Image Flipper Extension

Your customers will trust you when they know your product in detail. Now, you may write lengthy descriptions but a picture speaks a thousand words. Use the product flipper extension to flip products vertically and horizontally. Customers will be able to see the product from all sides and make an informed decision. It will reduce product returns and increase positive reviews on the website. Choose a module that allows you to upload a video file. It will give customers a better idea of the product.

7. Out of Stock Notification Extension

You certainly do not want to lose customers because of product unavailability. Use the out of stock notification module to send stock alerts. With the extension, customers will be able to subscribe for out of stock products. They will be notified via email once the product is back for sale. Choose an extension that provides a detailed view of notification status in the admin panel. Also, you should be able to edit the email template that is sent to the customers.

8. Ajax Add to Cart Extension

Your primary goal is to make the cart accessible to customers so that they can shop more. And, the Ajax add to cart extension helps you do the same. Buyers can add products to the cart from search results page, home page, wishlist page, etc. It means they do not have to go to the actual product page. It makes shopping for multiple products quick. The mini-cart will be updated automatically, thus reducing the time spent on page reloads. Admins can customize the display of related products to increase sales.

9. One-Page Checkout Extension

The most-talked-about Magento module, one-page checkout extension has the potential to improve your sales number by 25-30%. It minimizes checkout steps and shows them in a single window, thus allowing buyers to edit quantities and information easily. The auto-fill feature, available for registered, logged-in and guest customers, expedites the process. The admin has total control of the extension features. So, you can customize it the way your store demands.

10. Abandoned Cart Extension

Abandoned carts are a reality for all. There is a simple yet effective solution to solve the problem of high cart abandonment ratio. Download abandoned cart extension so that you can track casual visitors easily. The module helps you to create customized emails with discount coupons. You can send them to customers and thus, convince them to finish the shopping process. Make sure that you set criteria for cart abandonment as well as create rules for sending retention emails.

Ask the Expert for choosing the Best Magento Extensions

Still confused about which Magento extensions to buy? Get in touch with an expert. Talk to a reputed Magento extension development company. Let them know your needs and budget. Remember buying the wrong module can end up being a terrible decision for your website. So, it is wise to buy an extension after in-depth research and expert advice.

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