Speed up your Store: Tips to improve the Page Loading Speed of Magento Website

Are you looking to improve the performance of your Magento store? There are many Magento extensions to help you reduce the page loading time of the website. Learn which extension suits your needs in a better way. Also, understand whether you need to hire a professional Magento page speed service and allow a team of Magento experts to handle the job for you.

Magento is one of the most commonly used e-commerce platforms across the globe. A large number of online businesses prefer Magento solutions because it is an open-source platform that offers high customization features and allows businesses to build a website according to their requirements. There are no incremental charges for expanding your e-commerce store. However, one common complaint about the Magento website is speed. Is your Magento store slow? Are your customers frustrated by the terribly slow page loading speed? Well, here are a few tips and tricks to improve the speed of your website!

Magento Speed Optimization: Useful Ways to Help Your Business

When you search online for Magento speed optimization tips, you will find endless lists that include suggestions such as:

  • Auditing the Website and removing Unnecessary Codes
  • Keeping the Magento Theme up-to-date
  • Ensuring Hardware Compatibility
  • Keeping Magento updated by installing the Latest Version
  • Adequate Management of Cache System of the Website
  • Optimizing the Front-End of the Store
  • Merging JS and CSS Files
  • Optimizing Images and Scaling them to suit your needs
  • Auditing the Number of Magento Extensions on the Website

But it is often difficult for a busy store owner to manually follow all the suggestions mentioned online. In order to save time and effort, you need ready-to-use solutions that will enable you to improve the performance of your store quickly. Here are a few tools to make your job simpler:

1. Store Performance Optimization Extension

One of the most effective Magento tools is the performance optimization extension. The extension incorporates all the suggestions and guidelines mentioned in Google PageSpeed Insights to increase the speed of your website and thus, your overall ranking in different search engines. You will be able to use the extension to undertake a plethora of tasks including:

  • Minifying HTML code so that you can save valuable time while uploading multiple pages on the website.
  • Optimizing the JavaScript, merging and minifying JS files to reduce the execution time.
  • The extension will optimize the CSS files on your website.
  • It will enable the Flat Catalog for products and categories so that all product data is merged into one table and thus, improving the responding time of queries.
  • You will be able to update cache values and manage index data easily.
  • It will help you in compressing and optimizing the store images and provide users with WebP optimized images.

2. Full-Page Cache Warmer

Another essential tool that focuses solely on store cache is the full-page cache warmer. It helps search engine crawlers as well as store customers in accessing the latest and most up-to-date versions of store pages. With adequate and appropriate website caching, you will be able to reduce store loading time and thus deliver a better shopping experience.

  • You will be able to generate warmer queues using multiple methods.
  • You can set the priorities for multiple pages for the warmer queue.
  • You can generate performance reports to judge the efficacy of your cache management system.
  • You can auto-update the queue after you update different types of pages such as products, category as well as CMS pages.
  • The extension will display the cache status so that you can ensure that each page is accessed by search engine crawlers.

Hire Expert Magento Page Speed Services for a Comprehensive Job

Magento 2 Google Page Speed Optimization extension and Full-Page Cache Warmer tackle the majority of tasks and suggestions required to improve store performance. If you do not have the technical expertise to manage the extensions or you do not have the required time and resources to work on speed optimization, you can opt for Magento Page Speed Services.

By hiring a dedicated team for optimizing the performance of your website, you will be able to delegate the task to experts and you can focus on your core business. Also, there are many tasks such as Magento performance audits, Magento extension optimization, updating the theme, checking the compatibility of hardware, etc. that require a human touch.

Usually, the cost of optimizing the performance of an e-commerce store starts from $199. But if your store has a large product catalog and a big database of customers, your budget will increase. Hence, it is essential that you discuss the cost of the project upfront with the Magento solutions provider. It will help you in avoiding any financial setbacks later.

All the best!

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