Terms & Conditions

Please read the following text containing the terms and conditions before using https://www.MageBees.com or its products and services. By purchasing products from the website, you agree that you have read and agreed to our terms and conditions.


Redistribution or republication of any part of this site or content is strictly prohibited, including framing or any other similar thing without our written consent.

Magebees.com is the copyright holder of all the Software which it sells on the website. You are not allowed to use any part of our code or similar interface without explicit permission.


Only one copy of an extension can be used on one Magento installation solely for your own personal or business use. A separate License should be purchased for each new Magento installation. Please read the license agreement for more details.


We provide the best service on availability. We respond to our clients as soon as possible during working days. We accept that nothing is perfect but we always try to do things perfectly so our service and products are well tested with the least of errors.

Support and Bug Fixing Policy

We offer 1-year free support for the products that you purchased from us.

Our support includes answering any questions related to our products and fixing any bug/error caused by our products which is reported by customers to make sure it works as well as the demo version. Support does not include fixing coding conflicts that are related to any other extensions that are installed in your store or customizing our product to fit your own needs. Any request for customization will require an extra fee.

Please note that we are not responsible for supporting free extensions but we will try to provide support if our technical team can arrange the time. Request support via email support@magebees.com or Contact us. OR you can go with PAID support service.

Customers can contact for support by email, or by creating a Support Ticket. Please understand that all support requests for the weekend will be processed when we’re back to office on the following Monday (GMT+5.30).

Customers can contact us to report any bugs through email and our support team is always keen to help you and fix it as soon as possible.

Refund Policy

We offer 60-days money back guarantee for all our extensions. If you have any problems with the extension, concerns about the refund terms, or support and installation service, kindly contact us. If the extension fails to function properly due to a bug and our support team is unable to fix it, we will be happy to provide a full refund within 60 days of the original purchase. However, we stand behind our products and will assist customers in solving problems first. Please contact us to get a refund with your order details and provide us with an explicit reason for the refund. All refund requests submitted after 60 days are not accepted. Fees for installation, conflict resolution and customization services are not refundable. Please read the Refund Policy for more details.

Software Updates Policy

Magebees.com offers lifetime extensions update services. Extension updates are provided only for the Magento version for which you bought the products. Example: If you buy the extension for Magento 1.x.x then the update will be provided for Magento version 1.x.x. Updates on Magento 2.x.x version will not be provided to you for free because Magento 2.x.x is a completely different architecture.

If you buy an extension for Magento 2.x, you will also get a FREE LIFE-TIME extension update version for your Magento 2. x.

Magento version 2 was released in 2015 and has a completely different structure so Magento version 1.x.x extension will not work in Magento 2. Extensions for Magento 2 should be developed from scratch and treated as completely new extensions. We will only provide free extension support for 1 Year for the same Magento version for which you bought our extension. If you upgrade your Magento store to a newer version then we will not provide you support for our extension.


We do not offer warranty or offer any form of guarantee for materials available on this site. We do NOT guarantee that our products will work with all third-party extensions. Nor do we guarantee that they will function or appear the same in all web browsers. We cannot under any circumstance be held liable for the loss of data or profit arising from the use of materials or the inability to use materials from this website.

Notification of Changes

We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions from time to time. If the changes are significant then we will provide prominent notice to our clients. We will publish the changes of terms and conditions on this page.