Subcategory Listing Extension for Magento 2

Subcategory Listing Extension For Magento 2

 | v1.0.0

  • Ensure easy navigation.

  • Improve customer satisfaction.

  • Essential tool to increase sales.

  • Display subcategories in an organized manner.

  • Show subcategory listing on home page, category pages, product pages, CMS pages, etc.

  • Create a category listing using a widget.

  • One-column layout available for the category page.

  • Grid and list view layout options.

  • Add thumbnail/placeholder images for subcategories.

  • Set image height and width according to requirement.

Magento Community / Enterprise : 2.1, 2.2, 2.3

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List Subcategories Anywhere you want!

Use the Magento 2 Subcategory Listing extension to display subcategories effortlessly. You can show them in a grid/list layout on any page you want and adjust the images associated with the subcategories.

The extension is particularly useful when you have a large catalog with multiple categories and subcategories. It will allow for easy navigation and help customers in finding products quickly.


1. Home Page Subcategory Listing using widget:

2. Grid View on Category Page:

3. List View on Category Page:

4. One Column with Grid View:

5. One Column with List View:


A. Settings for Subcategory Listing on Category Page:

1. Show Subcategory Listing for this Category: Here you can enable and disable subcategory listing for this category.

2. Max Sub-Categories Per Row: Here you can set a number of a row of subcategory listing.

3. Thumbnail: Here you can upload the thumbnail image for the subcategory.

4. Listing Location: Here you can select where you want to display the subcategory listing (Before Content or After Content).

B. Subcategory Listing Configuration:

1. Enable: To enable and disable the extension.

2. Use Category Image, When Thumbnail is Not Available: Here you can enable the category image while thumbnail image is not available.

3. Placeholder Image: Here you can set the placeholder image which will be displayed when thumbnail image is not available.

4. Subcategories Layout: Here you can select subcategory layout Grid or List view.

5. Image Width: Here you can set the width of the subcategory image.

6. Image Height: Here you can set the height of the subcategory image.

7. Change to 1 column Layout: Here you can set the one-column layout for the category page.

C. Subcategory Listing Widget Setting:

1. Widget type: Here you need to select Magebees::Sub Category Listing widget type.

2. Select Category: Select Subcategory for which category you want to display the subcategories.

3. Title: Title of the Sub Category Listing.

4. Additional Class: You can set the additional class for the listing.

5. Image Width: You can set the image width for the subcategory page.

6. Image Height: You can set the image height for the subcategory page.

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User Manual
  • User Guide Magebees Subcategory Listing Extension V1.0.0download here
  • Installation Guide Magebees Subcategory Listing Extension V1.0.0download here

Customer Reviews   8 item(s)
Highly Recommended
This is a very simple and yet absolutely effective Magento 2 extension. It improves the look of the category pages and allows you to show sub-categories in many ways. You may see that other customers have also loved this extension. So, I won't go into much detail about the features. One thing that particularly impressed me was the support services of MageBees. They were quick to assist and helped with installation and configuration. All the potential issues were taken care of by the team.
Functions as Described
Developer Support
Review by Maya / (Posted on June 27, 2020)
Lots of benefits
This is truly one of the best subcategory listing extensions that I have seen and I have seen a lot of them (being in the business for close to 7 years). I have been using this extension for a few months now and it is instrumental in showcasing subcategories properly. It makes navigation quick. Initially, we were facing problems of adding rich keywords to category pages, but this extension solved the problem as well.
Functions as Described
Developer Support
Review by Singh / (Posted on June 22, 2020)
Easy to manage Sub-Categories in Grid/List Format
This extension grabs the attention of buyers by showing a detailed display of sub-categories. I used it to showcase subcategories in grid format but you can choose whichever display suits you. It is truly versatile. I was able to show relevant images next to the category. It really spruced up the page. So much improvement over the default Magento features.
Functions as Described
Developer Support
Review by Verified Buyer / (Posted on May 12, 2020)
Makes adding Textual Content to the page Easy
This is a very good extension to make the category page SEO-rich. 1) It makes navigation easy by displaying sub-categories in an attractive manner. 2) You can add some content next to the sub-categories. This ensures that the category page doesn't only have URLs but there is some kind of content as well. Best thing: Multiple display options.
Functions as Described
Developer Support
Review by Trevor / (Posted on April 8, 2020)
Full Marks for Support
The extension is great, no doubt about that. But I want to talk about the dedication and support that Mage Bees provides to its customers. Exceptional, totally exceptional. As soon as I submitted a ticket, the company contacted me and helped me with the configuration and installation. 5/5 for immediate support!
Functions as Described
Developer Support
Review by VISTA Inc. / (Posted on March 11, 2020)
Works as expected and it is definitely worth its price. It's one of the best investments I've ever made. I recommend this extension to anyone, especially if you want to save your customer's time in finding products. Looking forward to more such extensions.
Functions as Described
Developer Support
Review by Dylan / (Posted on March 5, 2020)
Much-needed Extension.
I am so glad MageBees launched this extension. I was eagerly waiting for something like this. It allows me to display sub-categories effortlessly. It makes web navigation super easy especially for a fashion store like mine, which has innumerable categories and sub-categories.

Functions as Described
Developer Support
Review by #1 Dev / (Posted on February 26, 2020)
I have lots of categories and subcategories and its really hard for me to show them properly on the site with image and description. But after using the Subcategory Listing Extension I can show them easily. Now my customers can navigate between categories easily.
Functions as Described
Developer Support
Review by Very Userful Extension / (Posted on February 6, 2020)
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Functions as Described
Developer Support

Subcategory Listing

2020-02-06 02:39:00
  • Version number: 1.0.0
  • Stability: Stable
  • Compatibility: Magento CE/EE 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x
  • Subcategory Listing

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