Solid Reasons Why You Need to hire a Certified Magento Developer

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? If you want to build an online e-commerce store, you need to hire a dedicated Magento developer. Having a Magento professional at your beck and call means you will get access to expert advice and suggestions that will make you a success in the field of e-commerce business.

Still not convinced? Here are solid reasons as to why your e-commerce business deserves a dedicated Magento developer.

Why hire a Dedicated Magento Developer?

  • Magento: Popular but not the Easiest CMS Platform  

Magento is one of the most popular CMS options for e-commerce websites. 1.9% of the world’s websites are powered by Magento. There are over 250,000 sites that use Adobe’s Magento. The reason for its popularity is how the platform allows you to customize your store to suit your needs. If you want to take advantage of the features and functionalities offered by Magento, you need to understand how it works. Learning the code, familiarizing with extensions and managing the security of the website can keep you from doing your actual business. It is best to hire an expert Magento developer who can manage the tech-part of your business and keep you free for more strategic decisions.

  • Cyber Attacks are more common than you think

Verizon reports that 71% of the total breaches that occurred in 2019 were financially motivated and 25% were motivated by espionage. The numbers are astounding, especially when your customers trust you enough to make financial transactions on your website. It is not only your ethical responsibility but it is also a wise financial decision to protect your e-commerce business from vulnerabilities. A business that is small is especially vulnerable because it doesn’t have the infrastructure to protect itself against cyber-attacks. A security breach such as a ransomware attack can push a small organization out of business. It is best to have a professional working for you to install security patches regularly and avoid potential data breaches.

  • Increase Revenue and Grow your Business

According to, e-commerce sales worldwide are expected to grow at an incredible pace. The online sales may surpass 6.5 trillion U.S. dollars in 2023. It goes on to show that e-commerce is a serious business. And, the competition is real. When it comes to taking advantage of opportunities, you need to act fast. For example, you need to get your Magento store ready for Christmas and other Big Holidays because it means earning big revenue numbers. If you are unable to attract customers with new and useful features, offers and promotions, you will lose them to your competitors. With a dedicated Magento developer by your side, you can devise useful strategies to target such opportunities and generate more business.

  • Technical Support and Assistance

The biggest advantage to hiring a Magento developer is that you will get round-the-clock expert assistance. Running an online business is not an easy task and you need all the expert help that you can get. Choose a Magento developer with enough experience and knowledge to resolve critical issues. Instead of waiting for a problem to happen and then searching for a professional, it is best to act proactively and find someone who can prevent problems from affecting your e-commerce business. Having at least one Magento expert to help you will ensure that your website is up and running without any unnecessary downtime.

Look for Certified and Experienced Magento Developer

Now that you know why you need a Magento developer, it is important to understand that not every developer is going to offer you the best expertise. You need to hire a certified Magento developer who has put in the required hours and gained experience to resolve complex tech issues. Choosing an inexperienced developer over a certified professional means putting your online business at risk. Do not focus on cost when it comes to the safety and security of your business.

When you are undertaking the task of choosing a developer, make sure you ascertain your needs, understand the security risks and make a decision that benefits your business in the long run.

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