Solar Filma Iceland

Solar Filma - Sun film Iceland

Solarfilma is a company that sells Icelandic souvenirs and gifts such as key chains, glassware, soft toys, lighters, necklaces, postcards, apparels, etc. The company was founded in 1961 and its webstore has been in operation since 2001.
The website was created in 2 languages English and Icelandic. The English language store URL is and the Icelandic store URL is They also have a wholesale store ( ) for customers who place bulk orders.
In the past, the company used custom e-commerce store. In 2013, migrated the webstore with complete data and all the required features to Magento 1.7. We also upgraded the Magento version to 1.9 in 2015 with a new and professional responsive design layout. Currently, we are working on upgrading the retail and wholesale stores to the newest Magento 2 version and the websites will go live in June 2019. has worked with Mr. Tolli Birgisson since 2013 and we have been handling the installation of security patches as well as the regular maintenance of the store.

Scope of Improvement

  • Magento migration from the older version to the current Magento 2 version.
  • Application of required extensions to the new store.
  • New webstore design as per the current trend.
  • Better website navigation.
  • Improve inventory management.
  • Build robust marketing strategy, improve checkout process and allow customers to place bulk orders.
  • Convenient feature to notify customers about restocked products.
  • Auto-calculation of shipping costs in Iceland.
  • Inclusion of payments with Debit Cards and Credit Cards using the Borgun payment method.
Solar Filma - Sun film Iceland
Solar Filma - Sun film Iceland


  • managed the store’s complete data migration and ensured the same URLs in order to avoid any negative impact on the website traffic.
  • Applied new responsive, professional design to make the store more attractive and user-friendly.
  • Better category and sub-category management with Magento 2 Mega Menu extension.
  • We suggested the client to create stock CSV file with product SKUs and quantities and upload the file into a particular path so that we can fetch it for daily stock updates.
  • Installed feature-rich search extension to deliver more accurate and quick search results from the company’s large catalog.
  • Setup and configured One-Step Checkout extension to reduce cart abandonment rate and improve sales.
  • Installed and configured Product Labels extension to highlight products with sales, news and other offers.
  • Used Promotions extension to display store news, offers and deals in the notification bar of the website.
  • Setup and configured wholesale store feature to place bulk order from a single page with an Add to Cart button. We also added an option to save products in My Wishlist section, so customer can order products quickly.
  • Installed out of stock notification extension to win back sales lost due to out of stock products.
  • There was no need for a checkout process in the wholesale store. So, we removed the payment methods, shipping details, and shipping methods from the checkout page.
  • Setup WebShopApps matrix rate extension for calculating accurate shipping cost.
  • Setup and configured Borgun Payment Gateway Extension to accept payment with Debit Cards and Credit Cards.
English Store URL - Icelandic Store URL - Wholesale Store URL -


  • After the changes, the website loading time was reduced. There was a significant reduction in the cart abandonment ratio due to the One-Page Checkout extension and Out of Stock Notification extension.
  • The added features in the wholesale store allowed customers to shop for bulk products easily. It made the shopping process quicker and better for regular customers.
  • Automated inventory management system reduced the time-consuming task of maintaining stock.
  • In conclusion, there was improvement in website traffic and it led to better sales numbers.

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