Showcase your Product Pages in the Best Light; Generate More Sales

Online shopping! It offers incredible ease for customers because they can shop from anywhere and at any time. With the growing number of e-commerce stores, online sellers are facing stiff competition to attract customers. If you own a Magento e-commerce website, you need to showcase your products in the best light.

Unlike physical brick and mortar stores, customers won’t be able to see and feel your products in their hands. So, you need to stand out from your competitors and offer customers something “extra” in terms of better visuals and more information.

Optimizing Product Pages to Improve Sales!

An attractive visual stimulus is something that will convert your casual visitors into real shoppers. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  • Multiple Product Images for 360° View

Making more sales is all about presenting the products in the best light. When the product images are clearer and sharper, they are more desirable to buyers. When you own an e-commerce store, you cannot create a store-front display to attract the attention of people. Instead, you need to upload quality pictures and videos that make your product look good. If you are selling a product that is marketed by another website, the importance of good pictures becomes even more important. Use a Magento Product Image Flipper to show a 360° view of the product. Show detailed images so that customers can feel that they are looking at the product in real life. Maintain uniformity in all images and if the product comes in different colors, show images for each option.

  • Detailed Product Description for Convincing Shoppers

A detailed product description will tell your customers all about the product and help you win a sale. A good description will convince customers to add the product to the cart. Provide a clear idea of the product and its usage. If you want to differentiate your website from competitors, make sure to study what information is needed by your customers. There is no need for a lengthy product description. Write what’s important for your customers. Provide a summary along with the detailed description in simple language. A detailed list of FAQs is also important to clear any doubts that may arise in the minds of the customers.

Note: In today’s mobile age, make sure you create AMP-URLs for your product pages and provide useful descriptions for your mobile-savvy customers. Use the Magento Google AMP extension to create AMP-friendly URLs and save time.

  • Demo Videos are Essential

Videos capture the attention of your audience. A Forbes report included that video marketing is a powerful tool to promote and grow your e-commerce brand. It also said that 64% of users are more likely to buy a product after watching a video online. Demo videos along with tutorials help you in improving the conversion rate of your store. You can upload demo videos and explain the product and its characteristics in detail. Providing audio-visual representation of your products will ensure that you generate buzz among casual visitors. Whether you sell a virtual product or a configurable one, having demo videos is a great tool to improve revenue of your e-commerce store.

  • Show Price Clearly to avoid Confusions

Customers should be able to spot the prices easily. If the website layout is tricky and asks for multiple clicks to find the price, your buyers are going to get annoyed by it. Price is still the biggest factor for making a purchase. Use larger fonts and contrasting colors to grab the viewer’s attention. There are a few B2B websites that do not prefer displaying prices and intend on simply presenting a catalog to the customers. If you sell to wholesale businesses and want the buyer to contact you for pricing, you can add a request for quote button and manage negotiations and quotes with the help of Request for Quote Module.

  • Emphasize on the Add-to-Cart Button

If your customers want to make a purchase but are unable to find the add-to-cart button, your efforts will go in vain. Make sure that the button stands out on the page and has a clear text. Choosing a contrast color that highlights the add-to-cart button is of prime importance. Using an Ajax Shopping Cart Extension, the mini-cart will be updated automatically as and when customers add new products to the cart. The extension is also helpful in adding products to the cart from the home page, category pages, wishlist pages, etc. It is a great tool to show related products in the pop-up.

  • Show Related Products for Increasing AOV

You should not miss out on any chance of increasing AOV (Average Order Value). Adding related products to the cart pop-up is a good idea. But you should also display related products on the product pages to increase average revenue per customer. Take Amazon for example. The e-commerce giant regularly bundles related products with the actual product and offers attractive pricing to generate more sales. You can even show cross-sell products by recommending items that customers have purchased in the past or have recently added to the cart.

  • Authentic Customer Reviews to Add Value

Your buyers will make a decision about making a purchase after considering the reviews and feedback from other customers. Make sure you are collecting as many reviews and ratings from your buyers. Encourage your customers to leave reviews on the website. You can email them asking to review the product that they have recently purchased and generate more visitors on the product page. Use Customer Testimonial Extension to manage testimonials, ratings and feedback in a more organized way. This will allow customers to leave feedback and upload video reviews without logging into their accounts, thus making the entire process effortless.

Along with the above-mentioned tips, make sure you clearly mention the terms and conditions on the product page. Also address all concerns that your shoppers may have, including sizing chart, shipping costs, returns policy, etc.

So, that’s how you can make your product page work harder for you and generate more sales. What are you waiting for? Re-energize product pages and turn your Magento e-commerce store into a success.

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