Product Feed Tips for your Magento Store: Generate More Online Business

Do you know shopping campaigns are known to be more successful than text ads? Are you confused about using multiple sales channels to generate more business? Learn how product feeds can help you increase revenue. Find a good product feed generator for your Magento store and use it to create multiple product feeds for different shopping comparison sites and online marketplaces.

Building a website and managing the orders is not all there is to the game of e-commerce business. One of the most important tasks includes engaging customers and leading them to your Magento store. Now, how do you do it? How do you promote your products and make them visible on comparison shopping engines? The answer is product feed.

Product Feed: An Essential Tool to promote your Products

Product feed (or data feed) is .XML, .CSV or .TXT file that contains all product data. You can send the file to different sales channels including:

  • Google Shopping Product Feed
  • Facebook Shopping Product Feed
  • Price Comparison Product Feeds such as NexTag, GetPrice, PriceGrabber, Shopzilla, etc.
  • Online Marketplace Product Feed includes Ebay, Amazon, Yahoo, Walmart, etc.

Most e-commerce retailers fail to understand the importance of using a product feed. However, if you include the tool to your marketing strategy, you can definitely benefit and increase your sales exponentially. The primary reason for using a product feed is selling via multiple online distribution and sales channels. With a product feed, it becomes easier to build a brand presence among consumers.

When a customer initiates a search on product comparison search engines, it pays to have your product listed with accurate and precise information. Providing detailed analysis can convince him to buy the product from your website. The following are the other advantages of the product feed:

  • Convenience for customers as all product data is located in one place.
  • A highly-curated product feed can increase product visibility.
  • Product feed helps you to tap different channels in one go.
  • Increase revenue by tapping into multiple sales channels.

How a Product Feed Generator Saves Your Time?

Shopping campaigns offer more returns than traditional text ads. However, creating a product feed manually is time-consuming. There are also chances of making a mistake and uploading wrong information to different websites. And different shopping comparison sites have different requirements for uploading product feeds. In order to avoid problems, use an automatic product feed generator and upload product data to multiple channels quickly. You will be able to create multiple, customized product feeds in bulk.

For Magento stores, you can opt for a well-coded product feed generator. Choose a Magento 2 extension that offers the following features:

  • Ability to customize product feed according to your business requirements.
  • Generate specific Google Feed, Ebay Feed, MyShopping Feed, etc. with ready-to-use templates.
  • Facility to generate product feed for all types of products including Simple, Configurable, Grouped, Bundle, Downloadable, and Virtual.
  • Ability to manage price formats easily.
  • You should be able to update the feed automatically.
  • You should be able to add new attributes and adjust existing ones easily.
  • Category mapping for all types of feed.
  • You should be able to update Feed URLs easily.
  • Facility to export the data feed in multiple file types such as .XML, .CSV, .TXT, etc.

Product Feed Generator: A Useful Extension for Large-Scale Retailers

If you are a small business, you can afford to edit and upload product feeds manually. But when you have thousands of products, it makes sense to use a Magento extension to generate product feeds. You can configure the feeds and use them to meet your business goals. The best part of using a product feed generator is that you do not need a big team to manage the process. And, thanks to a large community of Magento developers, customization is easily available.

Upload product feeds to different shopping comparison websites in order to generate more business. Use Magento 2 Product Feed Generator and manage multiple product feeds easily. Get in touch with for premium Magento 2 extensions that will help your business.

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