Product Attachments Extension For Magento 2

Product Attachments For Magento 2

 | v1.0.1
  • Provide additional information to customers with product attachment files.

  • Upload an unlimited number of attachments for more information.

  • The extension supports all types of file formats.

  • Use 7 ready-made stylish icons or upload custom icons for attachments.

  • Track attachment downloads for better analysis.

  • Import more than one attachment together.

  • Attach one file/s for one or several products, categories, CMS pages, and generic pages.

  • Display product attachments in order view page and emails.

Magento Open Source / Enterprise / Cloud :

2.3.X - 2.4.X

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Magento 2 Product Attachments Extension: Detailed Information for Better Conversion

In order to sell more, you have to convince more! And, to convince a large number of store visitors, you need to provide as much detailed information as possible. It is difficult to provide comprehensive user manuals, warranty information and after-sales care on the product page or the category page. You may also want to remind customers of the same when they are placing the order.

Now, Magento does not allow store admins to attach multiple product attachments to help customers learn more about the products. The solution is the MageBees Magento 2 Product Attachments Extension. You can upload an infinite number of product attachments to persuade customers and make the page as useful as possible. Display attachments with stylish icons, track attachment downloads and manage everything from a simplified admin panel.

How it works

Attachment Management

The extension contains a separate grid, where you can view and adjust each attachment. Change file icon, title, visibility and include it in order if needed. Also, you can attach docs to multiple categories right from the edit page.

  • See product attachment listing
  • Change attachment status and delete multiple attachment
  • Add new attachment, update existing and also delete

Assign Files to Products

  • With the module, you can add one file to several products without assigning file copies to each particular product
  • This feature also saves your time and effort, as you can quickly update only one file.
  • Add the existing docs or upload new files to the Magento 2 extension and configure file settings right on the product editing page.

Attach attachments to categories

  • Now, you can save tons of time by equipping all products in a category with the needed attachments.
  • Just navigate to the categories configuration and attach as many files to all products within a category as you need.

Icon Management

  • The Magento 2 module for file attachment lets you upload as many icon images as you need and assign them to each specific file type.
  • If you don't want to upload your own icon images, you can use the predefined ones.
  • The extension offers 7 ready-made icons that you can predefine for particular file extensions.

Show attachments via widgets

  • Now, you can show attachments any pages via widgets.
  • Create Product Attachments widgets & set Store front Properties.
  • If show attachments via widgets in generic pages to attach attachments in custom attachments.

Custom Attachments

  • The extension contains a separate grid, where you can view and adjust each attachment.
  • See product custom page attachment listing.
  • Add new attachment, update existing and also delete.

General Configuration

  • Set general configuration enable/disable ext.
  • Hide/show file size and icon.
  • Select customer group,store view and etc

Attachments Looks like on frontend


How it looks on Products Page


How it looks on Catalog Page


How it looks on Generic Page


How it looks on Order View Page

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User Manual
  • User Guide Magebees Product Attachments For Magento 2 Extension-v1.0.1download here
  • Installation Guide Magebees Product Attachments For Magento 2 Extension-v1.0.1download here

Customer Reviews   6 item(s)
Able to show more Information to Customers
With the Product Attachments extension, there is no need for our product pages to be bulky. We manage all the extra information in the attachments so that the page remains light and mobile-friendly. We are grateful to MageBees for creating this extension. Looking forward to buying the Follow-up email extension now.
Developer Support
Functions as Described
Review by Lance / (Posted on September 18, 2021)
Our store conversion rate has improved
After we started using the MageBees Product Attachments extension, our store conversion rate has improved! We expect a 29% rise in sales from the last quarter and it is all because of this extension. By providing additional product information to customers on-demand, they can make quick buying decisions. They do not have to wait for our email detailing product information. It is all available on the website for them to see and that too without affecting the page loading speed.
Developer Support
Functions as Described
Review by Harris / (Posted on July 26, 2021)
The Best Extension to create Product Attachments
As we sell fridges, ACs, water purifiers, and other home electronics on our website, our customers need additional information in the form of warranty details, installation procedure, maintenance, etc. Instead of mentioning all the details on the product page, we simply use the product attachments extension and upload attachments on the website. This way we are able to avoid compromising on page loading speed and still provide all information that our buyers need. A Win-Win.
Developer Support
Functions as Described
Review by Keith / (Posted on July 6, 2021)
Reduced Page Loading Time
I remember back when we mentioned every product detail on the product page. It made the product pages quite bulky and difficult to load especially on mobile devices. With the Magento 2 Product Attachment Extension, we simply leave downloadable product attachments on the page and this removed all the clutter. This way; all the attention is diverted to the Add to Cart button and nothing else.
Developer Support
Functions as Described
Review by Rachel / (Posted on June 14, 2021)
The secret to higher sales
We sell teeth whitening products to our customers and were in need of features that allowed us to offer warranty information to the customers. With this extension, we are now able to upload warranty documents, precise user manuals, and other details. It has made convincing customers easier than before.
Developer Support
Functions as Described
Review by Harry / (Posted on June 7, 2021)
Extremely Excellent features and fast working speed .
Extremely Excellent features, I had used this module with new magento store. I have spent lots of hours to upload image and files for product, but this extensions help me out and it's works perfectly and save my times.
Developer Support
Functions as Described
Review by Wilson Johns / (Posted on May 21, 2021)
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Functions as Described
Developer Support

Made compatible with Magento 2.4.4 version

2022-07-05 07:30:00
  • Version number: 1.0.1
  • Stability: Stable
  • Compatibility: Magento CE/EE 2.3.X, 2.4.X
  • Make Compatibility with latest Magento 2.4.4.

Product Attachments

2021-05-21 02:39:00
  • Version number: 1.0.0
  • Stability: Stable
  • Compatibility: Magento CE/EE 2.3.X, 2.4.X
  • Product Attachments
  1. Q-1: I have try to add New Attachment With Attachment Link, But I am getting following picture error ,How to solve this problem?


    Ans : Refresh the page using ctrl + F5.

  2. Q-2: I have add New Attachment. Attachment Icon not show in grid,after this issue I have add icon in specific type then refresh the Attachment Grid page but icon is not show. How to solve this problem?


    Ans :

    • 1. Click on edit Attachment.
    • 2. Then Re-Select File.
    • 3. Press Save.

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