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  • Useful commands for Magento 2

    Have you recently migrated from Magento 1 and still learning about new commands to manage Magento 2? Want a quick guide of useful command lines for Magento 2? You have come to the right place. We have compiled a list of essential Magento 2 commands to make your work faster and easier. Keep the guide handy and get ready for efficient management of your e-commerce website.

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  • How to install Magento 2

    Are you migrating to Magento 2? Thinking of installing Magento 2 with the Composer but not sure how to begin the process? Do not worry. Magento 2 installation is easy and stress-free when you have a step-by-step instruction guide to help you out. Trust for making the installation process quick and easy. We have the right information to help you get started.

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  • Solved: Magento 2 admin url gives error

    When you spend your time, money and effort on an e-commerce software, you want it to generate business for you. Is Magento 2 giving you trouble? Are you unable to open the admin panel? Does the error read Class Magento\Authorization\Model\RoleFactory does not exist? Do not fret. The issue is more common than you think. Learn how to solve the problem and get rid of the error.

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  • Solved: Magento static block display issue

    Are you upgrading your e-commerce store to Magento You may face an issue with static block display. It may result in a display of the wrong block instead of the correct one or duplicate blocks in some places. Luckily for you, we have found different solutions to the problem. Learn how to troubleshoot the problem and get ready for an error-free e-commerce store.
    While upgrading a Magento store version we found a bug in Magento and here, we are giving a solution for this bug.

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  • Change admin routers after Installing Security Patch Supee 6788

    SUPEE-6788 involves several patches that resolve a large number of security issues. According to, the patch has the potential to break compatibility with a number of customizations and extensions. The most common issue is inaccessibility of extensions from the admin panel. We have solved the problem for you. Learn how to address the issue and get your e-commerce store up and running again.
    The latest Magento Security Patch, SUPEE-6788 is now available for Magento Community Edition 1.7 and later releases.

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