Out of Stock Notification Extension for Improved Sales

Running an e-commerce store is a tricky business. Ensuring better customer shopping experience takes a lot of work. And, if a product goes out of stock, customers will not shy away from switching over to another store. To avoid losing out on sales, you need the right “out of stock products” strategy that includes Magento out of stock notification extension. Learn how sending stock alerts can help you improve sales.

You may track inventory proactively and take all measures to avoid out of stock products. However, sometimes you may have to face the inevitable problem. Let’s learn the right way of dealing with out of stock products so that it doesn’t have a negative impact on the sales numbers, customer experience and the overall search engine rankings of the website.

  • Don’t remove the Product URL

Leaving the page online without making any changes is a feeble choice. But it doesn’t mean you need to take down the page. Why remove it when the URL can still stay in Google’s index? If customers click on such older links, they will see a 404 error or a 410 status. It can ruin the customer’s shopping experience and your SEO ranking as well.

  • Don’t Redirect the Page at your Will

If you redirect a customer to the home page and force him to start the entire process again, he will get frustrated. Some Magento stores redirect customers to the product category or a similar product. However, customers get confused if they do not know why they are being redirected to another page. In such a case, they might abandon the purchase.

  • Be Clear about the Inventory

It is very annoying to add products to the cart only to find out that they are unavailable later. So, whenever a customer searches for a specific product, the product status should be visible. Use Magento 2 product labels extension to create easy-to-spot labels for out of stock products. Also, mention whether the product is temporarily unavailable or discontinued by the manufacturer.

  • Provide Relevant Products to win the Sales

If you do not have a specific product that the customers require, it doesn’t mean you cannot win the sales. Show them a list of relevant products. You can even inform them about the new products. Many Magento store owners provide a pop-up window that includes links to all the related products and categories in order to avoid losing the sale.

The Most Essential Part of your Strategy: Email Notifications

Not every customer adds an out of stock product to wishlist. It is best that you take proactive measures and capture emails so that you can remind them about their favorite products. The best way to get customers to subscribe for email notifications is Magento out of stock notification extension. It is an essential part of your “out of stock products” strategy.

What are the Advantages of Out of Stock Notification Extension?

The best part of the extension is that it makes sending stock reminders easy. You can either send the emails automatically or manually depending on your requirements. It also offers the following benefits:

  • Learn customer behavior by understanding their subscribed products.
  • Manage stock renewals more efficiently.
  • Ensure higher ROI by stocking the products with the highest demand.
  • Export stock subscriptions data to your analytics team.
  • Adjust price for products that are regularly out of stock and take advantage of the high demand.
  • Entice guest customers to subscribe for notifications and capture emails for further communication.
  • Build a loyal customer base and delight customers by keeping them informed about their favorite products.

What Features are Necessary in a Magento Stock Alert Module?

Here are a few essential features of the extension:

  • Enable stock subscriptions for different customer groups.
  • Enable stock alerts for different products such as individual products, configurable products, grouped products, bundled products, etc.
  • Customize email template for better conversion and more profit.
  • Manage stock subscriptions from one admin panel.
  • Customers can manage their subscriptions from the accounts section.

With an out of stock notification extension, you can offer a better shopping experience to your customers.By managing stock alerts, you will be able to convince customers to come back to the store and buy their desired products.

When it comes to managing out of stock products efficiently, you need highly functional Magento extensions. Choose out of stock notification extension from MageBees.com. It delivers best results and improves sales. Trust the Magento extension development company for the best M2 modules.

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