Must-Have Magento Extensions of 2020 [Grow your Business]

Amidst the competitive nature of your business and the dire situation of the Covid-19 pandemic, you need to work hard and save your livelihood. To make your situation better, here are the must-have Magento extensions that will help you to sustain and grow your business in 2020.

The year 2020 has been difficult for everyone. With the world-wide lockdowns and quarantine measures in place, businesses have suffered terribly.  If you own a business, your focus should be on e-commerce strategies to save your business.

Getting your store online is not the only solution. It is just the beginning. If you own an e-commerce website, you need to ensure that the online store encourages shopping and offers an improved customer experience. Check out the must-have Magento extensions that will enhance store functionalities and make your online business a definite success.

1. Abandoned Cart Email

Due to the current crisis of Coronavirus, people are making cautious purchase decisions. They may need some encouragement in case they abandon the shopping process. No matter what product you sell online, an Abandoned Cart Extension is a prime necessity. Track abandoned carts, send reminder emails to customers, and encourage them to come back to your store. It will help you in increasing sales and generating revenue.

2. One-Step Checkout

For every e-commerce store in 2020, the competition is extreme. In order to convince customers to shop from your store, you need to simplify the process. Use a One-Step Checkout Extension to auto-fill fields for registered customers, allow customers to edit quantities on the checkout page, and permit guests to finish their shopping process. Remove all the redundant steps and expedite the shopping process.

Recommended One Step Checkout Extensions:

3. Out of Stock Notifications

Owing to the shelter-at-place measures, several production units are suffering. Problems with the supply chain and less availability of skilled labor are leading to inventory issues. However, it doesn’t mean you should lose your customers because of these temporary problems. Make use of Out of Stock Notification Extension and provide an opportunity to customers so that they can subscribe for stock notifications.

Recommended Stock Alerts Extensions:

4. Show Notification for Promotions

Promote promotions, offers, and sales on your website because your livelihood depends on it. Use a Promotions Notification Extension to broadcast ongoing and upcoming promotions on the website. The extension will allow you to display a notifications bar at the top or the bottom of the website where you can inform customers about offers. You can also choose a pop-up window to grab the attention of customers.

Recommended Promotions Notification Extensions:

5. Ajax Add to Cart

Another essential cart tool is the Ajax-based Add to Cart Extension. It will ensure a faster shopping experience and allow you to build a loyal customer base. The extension will help customers in customizing orders, editing order quantities, and adding products to the cart from any page. There is no need to go to the individual product page anymore. The cart will be updated automatically without having to reload the page.

Recommended Add to Cart Extensions:

6. Ajax Quick Search

When customers are unable to venture outside to buy products, they are going to use your website to find a large number of products online. It means the search-feature should be updated to provide real-time search results. And, this is where Ajax Quick Search Extension comes into the picture. It will show relevant results in the form of product pages, category pages, and even CMS pages to the customers. You can also show popular, recent, and suggested terms in the results section. The Auto-Suggest feature will prompt customers to the right products in no time.

Recommended Quick Search Extensions:

7. Improved Layered Navigation

Another Ajax-based extension is the Improved Layered Navigation. It allows customers to find the required products from a big catalog. Customers will be able to filter results by selecting multiple attributes. Quick results are guaranteed without having to reload the page! Additionally, many Magento extension development companies offer “Shop by Brand” functionality with the extension so that customers can find products based on their favorite brands.

Recommended Improved Layered Navigation Extensions:

8. Responsive Mega Menu

You can also focus on organizing the navigation menu with the Responsive Mega Menu Extension. You will be able to customize the menu and sub-menu items by choosing different styles, features, and thumbnail images as well. It will help you in creating unlimited menus without having to learn any type of editing code. Choose an extension that offers features such as multiple-level category menu support, RTL compatibility, Super Cache feature for reduced page loading time.

Recommended Mega Menu Extensions:

9. Product Image Flipper

If you want to truly encourage online shopping, you need to make your customer’s shopping experience as similar to an in-store one. One way of achieving the goal is to use a Product Image Flipper. It will allow you to display products in 360 degrees and convince customers to make the purchase. You can upload a new image or choose an existing image as a flipper. There are many options to flip an image such as horizontally, vertically, rotate and none.

Recommended Image Flipper Extensions:

10. Responsive Banner Slider

Set up multiple rotating banner sliders on any page you want and encourage customers to shop more. You will be able to create unlimited groups for sliders with effects, styles, themes, etc. Choose an extension that allows you to insert pictures as well as videos link into the sliders and make them as attractive as possible. With stunning banners and a clear call-to-action, customers will be attracted to shop the products quickly.

Recommended Banner Slider Extensions:

11. Blog

Every website needs to stay updated and connected with its customers. One way of doing it is by adding a blog. It will give you an opportunity to inform customers about the latest company information, new product launches and upcoming offers. When you have a Magento e-commerce store, there is no need to take the help of a third-party framework to create a blog section. Simply opt for a Blog Extension to create blog posts, categories, and tags.

Recommended Blog Extensions:

12. AMP-friendly Website

Today, a majority of your customers use mobile for shopping. It makes sense to create Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) so that your web pages can load quickly and customers can find the relevant products in no time. By using an AMP extension, you will be able to create AMP-friendly URLs automatically. It will lead to a 90% faster loading of pages and improve your mobile search results. Choose an extension that lets you create diet-HTML versions of the home page, category pages, product pages, CMS pages, etc.

Recommended AMP Extensions:

13. Google Rich Snippets

When you are doing business online, you cannot forget to improve search results. Google prefers websites that provide detailed information on the search page. With the Google Rich Snippets Extension, you will be able to improve organic search results. Display stock, price, ratings, reviews, manufacturer details, etc. You can even customize the search results by adding a logo and social media profiles. This is the perfect tool to enable search box and add Rich Snippets to breadcrumbs. Thus, it will help customers as well as search engine in getting a clear idea about your store.

Recommended Rich Snippets Extensions:

So, there you have it! The above-mentioned Magento extensions are essential for every e-commerce store. Whether you own a fashion store or you are selling computers online, these extensions will make your store feature-rich and ensure success even in difficult times.

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