Migrate Magento Store to New Server

Are you thinking of moving your Magento store to a new server? Do you want to change the hosting server of your e-commerce website? You may want an upgraded server to take care of your growing business needs. You may not be satisfied with the existing hosting service provider.

There can be many reasons. But one thing is sure. You need the expertise of a Magento migration expert to avoid data loss and down time. There are many challenges that businesses have to face while moving a fully-functioning website to another server. With MageBees.com, you can move your Magento store effortlessly and enjoy better store management in no time.

When you decide to move your Magento store to a new hosting provider, we undertake comprehensive measures to ensure a seamless transition.

  • 1.

    Checkout for Minimal Magento

    Our Magento migration team doesn’t cut corners while helping you move your Magento store. We will closely monitor the hardware and software requirements so that your store functions efficiently. If you need to upgrade PHP, install new extensions or buy more server space, we will help you sort out the details.

  • 2.

    We Do Not Forget to
    Backup Data

    MageBees.com believes in being safe than sorry. We will never forget to backup data before moving your store to another server. This ensures that your store data, including customer information and orders, is safe and secure.

  • 3.

    Install Files on the New Server

    Our Magento migration team exports the Magento database from your current servers and uploads it to the new one. If you have a big store with a large catalog of products, it can get time-consuming. But, do not worry about it. We have experience of handling complex e-commerce websites. We will configure the new store to match your requirements and keep your store up-to-date.

  • 4.

    Test your Store

    MageBees.com carefully checks and re-checks the functioning of your store so that there is no room for errors. We ensure that you get to enjoy a highly successful e-commerce store with useful features.

  • 5.

    Syncing the Data

    Once we are sure of the proper functioning of your new store, we will sync all store data and switch off the old server and enable the maintenance mode. We will turn on cron jobs for the new server and change the DNS settings as well. It will successfully direct traffic to the new server.


MageBees.com promises a Minimum Downtime!

Experts at MageBees.com have worked with several Magento store owners. Whether you want to move to a new server or you want to upgrade your Magento website, trust our expert services. We will go above and beyond to migrate your store and deliver a solid e-commerce website within the stipulated time.