Magento Year Make Model Extension: Search Auto Parts Accurately

Do you run an auto parts store? Having a robust Product Parts Finder will enhance the customer experience and benefit you as well. Find out the many advantages of the Magento Year Make Model extension and get ready to build a successful business online.

The world of e-commerce is diverse! Not all e-commerce websites are designed to sell clothing, beauty accessories, or health and personal care products. Many businesses sell replacement parts and components to repair existing equipment. For example, auto parts, electronic parts, computer parts, printer parts, etc. prove a different ball-game than other e-commerce websites.

If your business involves auto parts, you will have a gigantic product catalog with more than 100,000 products to manage. You will be selling similar auto parts from more than one brand, and different brands will have different ways of categorization.

The customers of replacement parts and components stores have a specific requirement. They are not going to search for the best product in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Instead, they are looking at whether a specific part is compatible with their equipment. For example, if a customer is looking to upgrade LED headlight bulbs on their Honda-CRV car, they will not look for the color or shape of the LED bulb. Instead, they will be interested in knowing whether 9005 LEDs are compatible with their car. The research about the kind of light they produce and how much energy they consume will come later.

The Need for Product Parts Filter for your Auto Parts Store

When you have a sizeable product catalog and, your customers have such specific needs, the ordinary search features of an e-commerce store will not make the cut. You will need an auto parts fitment search to help customers find the product quickly and easily.

He/she can fill in the details of their vehicle with the help of drop-down options of the product parts filter. This way, you can remove any chance of spelling errors and ensure that customers select from a pre-defined list of options for accelerated and accurate results.

Now, writing a code or creating a dedicated extension for your store can be costly and time-consuming. Instead, you can choose a readymade Magento Year Make Model extension at an affordable price. You will be able to create multiple filters for all pages to help customers make a quick purchase.

When building a new store, you can opt for the Magento 2 auto parts theme to incorporate the YMM extension with a customizable home page, category pages, and product pages. When you have an existing e-commerce store, the Year Make Model extension can do the job for you.

How is the YMM Search Feature helpful to the Customers?

You can show the filter on all pages for the customers’ convenience. Whether it is a CMS page, search result page, or category listing page, the Product Parts Finder can help your customers. They can select the car's make and model, engine specifications, and any other filters to get a list of auto parts compatible with their automobile.

You can create separate filters for different categories. For example, you can create a separate brand page/mini-store for Honda CRV and include a YMM filter. It will help customers filter products based on the year of manufacture, body style, and trim models to find all spare parts related to their car model.

One additional way of using the Product Parts Filter is by incorporating it on the product page. It is useful when the customer comes to the page from Google search, a social media profile, or an email. They will verify the fitment part on the page without having to comb through the entire product description.

How can the E-commerce Store benefit from installing the YMM Extension?

By providing the exact product for your target market’s needs, you will be able to reduce returns and decrease the work of the customer service team. It will improve the user experience and thus, differentiate you from competitors. It will help you to build a loyal base of customers.

In addition to creating unlimited filters, you can use the YMM extension to manage product data with the help of the import/export of products. It will show SEO-friendly URLs for the search result page to enhance the search engine rankings. To improve store sales, you can even display universal products or any other list of popular products to push your business forward.

Customer Shopping Experience > Price of the Product

Gone are the days when customers picked the least-costly product. Today, the focus is on better service and experience. Buyers will not return to the store after a bad experience. And, in today's competitive world, we need every sale to survive and thrive. So, keep your customers' needs in focus and use the Product Parts Finder to make their task easier.

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