Magento: The Best E-Commerce Platform for Startups

Are you trying to build a new online business? Choose Magento as your e-commerce platform. It offers incredible customization features and scalability options to new business owners so that they can easily grow their online store according to the needs of the business. Let’s learn why Magento is the best platform for your startup.

Let’s face the truth: This is the age of startups. You will find startups springing up everywhere around you. The stakes are higher and entrepreneurs are taking bigger risks than ever. If you are a startup business, you need to be highly visible and grab the mind share of your customers. You need to be where your customers are: Online. Having an online existence of your startup is not only beneficial but crucial as well. There are many e-commerce platforms available on the market to help you build an online presence. But why is Magento the best option? We have the answers.

Why should Startups choose Magento?

The main advantage of choosing Magento is the high levels of customization it offers. This is the number one reason why users switch from other e-commerce platforms to Magento. You can design your Magento e-commerce store to suit the specific needs of your business and customers. You can even integrate existing systems and multiple third-party tools such as Google Analytics, MailChimp, Springbot, etc. easily. However, there are other reasons too. Let’s find them out.

The Numbers say so!

Currently, Magento may be ranked after WooCommerce and Shopify in terms of market share, but it is definitely growing at a much faster rate than others. According to market surveys, Magento holds close to 26% of the market share. The number of online e-commerce stores using Magento has doubled between August 2017 and August 2018. More than 250,000 online stores are powered by Magento. Big brands such as Ford, Land Rover, Nike, Pepe Jeans and Samsung use Magento.

Recently, Magento Commerce won the maximum number of medals (seventeen) in the Enterprise and Mid-Market editions of the Paradigm B2B Combine Report. It highlighted the strengths of using Magento e-commerce solutions. The numbers truly show the significance of the e-commerce platform in today’s world.

A Wide Partner Ecosystem

An open-source platform means anyone can access the Magento code for free and customize it to suit his/her needs. As Magento is one of the only few open-source platforms, it is very popular among web developers. The Magento community has more than 800,000 members from all across the world. The community builds useful and innovative Magento extensions to help you create a fully-customized e-commerce store in no time. One survey says that there are more than 2000 Magento extensions that provide users with additional functionality. You can even find multiple Magento themes and choose one that matches your customers’ expectations. Magento works great for evolving startups because you can get all the help you need from Magento developers and deliver the right service to your customers on time.

Scalability is the Key

Scalability is an essential factor for a new business. Your e-commerce store should be able to grow with the growing needs of the business. Magento is a highly scalable and flexible platform to suit your needs. First of all, you have the total ownership of your website which means you have full access to make any changes you want. You simply need to hire a dedicated Magento developer to discuss your needs with him.

For example: You may start as a retailer but may want to diversify and start catering to the needs of wholesale customers as well. Customer segmentation may be your strategy to expand the business. Magento developers will help you add functionalities and make your website ready for wholesale business without any unnecessary downtime.

Digital Marketing made Easy

As a new online business, you need all the help you can receive in making your e-commerce store successful. In order to improve business and gain more visitors, your search engine rankings should be high. Magento offers incredible in-built marketing features to ensure the SEO-friendliness of your store. The features include SEO-friendly URL structure, sitemaps, positioning layers, rewrites, meta tags and keyword suggestions to improve the ranking of your website.

Be Mobile-Friendly

Startups need to reach a greater number of people in order to build a loyal customer base. Today’s customers are mobile and so should your business. Big businesses may not be in a hurry to become mobile, but a young startup needs to tap into as many customers as possible. With Magento, you can focus on mobile-savvy buyers using multiple platforms such as Android and Apple. The e-commerce platform is compatible with HTML5 interface which makes it extremely useful in ensuring high customer satisfaction.

Magento and Startups: The Perfect Combination!

The Magento open-source platform will enable your startup business to flourish. In a competitive environment, you must choose an e-commerce platform that is backed by an active community of developers. It will enable you to customize your store so that it fits your vision. Choose Magento; choose success.

Are you ready to build a successful e-commerce business? With, you can build a solid Magento online store and customize it to suit your needs. Trust our professional developers to create a Magento store from scratch. We can even help you enhance the functionalities of your store with robust Magento extensions.

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