Magento Store Maintenance and Support Service

Magento Store Maintenance and Support offers comprehensive Magento solutions to solve your e-commerce needs. We do not stop at building robust Magento stores and useful Magento extensions. With our Magento store maintenance and support services, we will ensure that your online business flourishes and meets your goals. Whether it is updating the website, developing custom extensions, installing security patches or integrating third-party systems with your Magento store, we take care of everything!

Reliable Magento Store Maintenance and Support at your Service

With, you get to enjoy the widest range of Magento store maintenance services. We deliver a wide range of support services to keep your store up-and-running!

1. Version Upgrades
Magento releases new upgrades regularly. Your e-commerce store should work on the latest Magento version for optimal store performance and better security. As and when a new version of Magento is released, we will upgrade your store efficiently.

2. Extension Upgrades
Once you update the Magento version, it is essential that you move to the latest Magento extensions. We understand your store requirements and will update the necessary extensions to keep your store functioning at the optimum level.

3. E-commerce Store Audit
We will perform regular SEO audits for your Magento store so that search-engine algorithms favor it. We suggest ethical SEO practices for the website in order to improve the rankings of your store along with store visibility.

4. Security Patches Installation
Our Magento developers will regularly check for new releases of security patches and install them on to your store. This way, your store and customers will remain safe and protected from vulnerabilities.

5. Regular Backup
At, we believe it is better to be safe than sorry. We ensure regular back up of your store data so that no essential information is lost due to any untoward incident such as a security threat.

6. Store Performance Optimization promises efficient optimization of your store. Whether it is increasing the page loading speed, upgrading the Magento themes, minifying CSS and JSS files, optimizing images, cache management or fixing small bugs in your store, we do it all.

We Customize our Services to meet your Needs!

We believe in personalizing our maintenance and support services to provide exactly what you need.

A. Magento Monthly Store Maintenance
We can manage your Magento store on a monthly basis. Do you want us to focus on security audits, version upgrades or routine maintenance? Let us know the kind of store maintenance service you expect. We will create a customized monthly quote to accommodate your requests.

B. Hire our Services on Ad-Hoc Basis
Whether it is installing a new extension or improving store page loading speed, we offer hourly support services for your Magento store. You can hire our maintenance services on an ad-hoc basis. Please give us a list of the required support services and we will handle the rest!

C. Emergency Technical Support
Is your website down? Do you need to migrate to another hosting provider urgently? Do you want to add a new store feature quickly? We can help you. Seek 24*7 emergency technical support to fix store issues, take care of vulnerabilities and improve store performance.

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To keep your e-commerce store functioning at its optimal level and gain more customers, you need efficient store management. Choose for regular store maintenance and emergency technical support services. We promise total dedication and expert support. Let us know how we can help you!

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