Magento Security Patches Installation Service

It is very important for your store to install all the security patches thats make your store more secure from hackers. Magento regularly released new security patches and we highly recommended to install on each magento store.

This is the reason why most of the stores owner prefer to quick process for install security patches once they find this warning message on their screen, ‘Immediately install Magento critical security patches’.

Why Choose Us?

The patch installation is complex process and need thorough knowlege to implement it because it influences stability of your website , data loss or site mess up. Do you aware of that ? To avoid all risks it is important that profession magento service provider will handle this task.

How it Proceeded ?

  • First, we check which security patches need to install into your store.

  • We provide list of security patches to install on your store and cost of this work.

  • Once you paid then we need admin, ftp , cpanel/ phpmyadmin/ssh login details.

  • Technical Team will login into your store, disable Compilation & clear the cache before starting the work.

  • First, apply security patches on your development/staging/clone store.

  • Apply patches on live site, clear cache and enable compilation.

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