Magento Quotation Manager Pro Extension

Quotation Manager Pro For Magento 1

 | v1.0.1
  • It provides a user friendly interface for customers to apply for quote.
  • It decrease abandon cart ratio.
  • It allows negotiating for the quote and keeps track for entire communication history.
  • Give readymade email template for customer and sales representative notifications.
  • Provide email notifications for each action.
  • Support translation via Magento Localization features.
  • Allow to send proposal in PDF format.
  • Show Quote Profit / Loss amount based on the cost price and original price in the Quote View.
  • Lock Quote Base on the Admin / Customer action on the Quote.
  • Convert Quote To Order Easily.
  • Compatible with Advanced custom options
  • 100 % Open Source.
Magento CE 1.8.x - 1.9.x

Quotation Manager Pro Extension allows customers on your Magento shopping cart website to request quotes for products instead of immediately adding them to the shopping cart. This extension is very useful for businesses that like to negotiate pricing with customers. Often this is done to get bulk discounts, discounts based on special corporate customers.

Create, send, and manage Quotes in Magento. Receive quote requests through your front-end or start new quotations from your Magento back-end. Negotiate prices and terms with your customers and send quotes with custom prices and custom products that are created on the fly via your Magento back-end. Our Quotation Manager Pro also features follow-up quote e-mails, sales representative assignments, attaching PDF proposals and much more.


Sales Representatives: Assign Newly created quotation to the selected admin user automatically using Assign Quotation To Selected Admin

Set Sales Representatives for the Quotation using SenderEmail.

Quotation Transaction email sends to the multiple email account using Send Quotation Email Copy to field.

Attach PDF proposal: Send proposals in PDF format when admin submit the proposal to the clients.
Ready made email templates : Ready to use e-mail templates for following different quotation action for your customers and notifications to your sales representative.
  • New Account Template.
  • New Request Template.
  • Send Proposal Send By Admin To the Customer.
  • Quotation Request Cancelled.
  • Quotation Request Rejected.
  • Proposal Accepted.
  • Customer Reply To Admin Email.
  • Admin Reply To Customer Email
Mini-Quote in nav bar (optional) : Mini-Quote in nav bar (optional) – The newer RWD template for Magento introduced a nav bar mini shopping cart. We have added the same functionality in the nav bar for quote requests too so customer can view their current quote items, or remove items without having to navigate to the quote details page.
Create quote from admin panel: Create and manage quotes via the Magento back-end.

Convert quote to order: Convert an accepted quote to an order with one mouse click and process the order using the normal Magento workflow.

Send and Receive Customer Messages: Communicate with prospects after they placed quote requests. Send messages based on your templates and get all the information you need to make the perfect proposal.

Localization and Internationalization: Change or add a translation via the Magento localization feature.

Allow File Attachment: Customer will allow to file attach when customer submit the quote. Also able to attach file when customer and admin communicate with each other using Communication section.

How It Works

Create Quotation Via Front-end.

Show Add TO Quote Button In the Product Listing Page & Product Page.

Add Products into Quote.

Add Multiple Products into Quote.

Add Tier Price In Products.

Submit Quote.

Go TO My Account -> My Quotation and Show Last submitted Quote.

Customer receives Price proposal.

  • Go to Your Site Back-end -> MAGE BEES -> Quotation Manager Pro > Manage Quotations.
  • Click On View From Action column.
  • Now Set Quotation Item Proposal Price.
  • Submit Quotation Using Submit Proposal button.

  • When Admin Send Proposal To The Customer Then It Will Notify By Email To The Customer & Send Proposal In PDF Format Also.
  • Display Item Proposal Price & Total Quote Adjustment.

  • After Admin Send Proposal to the customer then customer will able to further process on quotation like select qty from the radio button.
  • Display Item Proposal Price & Total Quote Adjustment.
  • Confirm And Checkout will be accept the quote and process to checkout.
  • Reject Proposal will be reject current quote.
  • Edit Proposal will be cancel current quote add current quote items into New quote.

  • When Customer Accept the Proposal then Quote Items added into cart.
  • Customer will able to place order using Proposal Price

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User Manual
  • User Guide Magebees Quotation Manager Pro For Magento 1 Extension V1.0.1download here
  • Installation Guide Magebees Quotation Manager Pro For Magento 1 Extension V1.0.1download here

Customer Reviews   11 item(s)
Visible Difference in Sales
The month we installed the quotation manager from MageBees, we saw a considerable rise in wholesale inquiries. With this module, we have been able to tap the B2B market efficiently. Thank you.
Developer Support
Functions as Described
Review by Matt / (Posted on October 7, 2021)
The RFQ extension with Most Features
I like this extension because of the number of features it offers to store owners. I am able to communicate with customers privately, also it lets me document all the communication in the backend. The notification feature is great too! Every time an action is taken on the Request for Quote, I get a ping. It helps me stay alert and makes converting a prospective buyer into a customer easy.
Developer Support
Functions as Described
Review by Roger / (Posted on September 29, 2020)
Possible to create Clickable Quote from Backend
This is the best extension to create clickable quotes from the admin side. After negotiating with the customers, I am able to send them revised quotes with links. This way my customer simply has to click on the link and place the order. Very easy to manage and it definitely encourages customers to buy the products. Good job MageBees.
Developer Support
Functions as Described
Review by Mageists / (Posted on May 12, 2020)
Request for Quote Extension from MageBees
Damn! This extension is just the best. I purchased it last week to tackle the increasing number of quotes on our website. It's so easy to install and configure. I am amazed by the level of coding that went into this extension. The best part is that it keeps the customer and admin in the loop. We get notifications of any new quote requests and get emails when the customer acts on our proposals. It definitely ensures that we are informed about everything and we update our quotes quickly to convert it into a sale.
Developer Support
Functions as Described
Review by Tina / (Posted on March 15, 2020)
Most well-coded Quote System on the market
I am very much satisfied with the Magento Quotation Manager. It allows customers to negotiate prices easily. As an admin, you can send proposals in PDF, negotiate the quote and communicate in an organized manner with customers. Very good job! Highly recommended.
Developer Support
Functions as Described
Review by Jake M. / (Posted on October 9, 2019)
Perfect tool for our needs
We needed a tool to allow customers to submit requests for quotes to sales engineers who would work with the customer on their final product. Working around some of the limitations of the Magento 1.9 interface, QMP is just what we need, and offers a number of unique -- and uniquely useful -- features. The documentation is not as thorough as I would have liked, but their support has been excellent and that more than makes up for any shortcomings.
Developer Support
Functions as Described
Review by ADeweyan / (Posted on April 18, 2019)
No need to Display prices on the Website
This is perfect for websites that do not want to display product prices on the website. Let customers come to you to negotiate the price. It is ideal for websites who face constant price fluctuation and also for wholesale stores who decide discount on the number of products purchased.

Customers can contact you for a quote and you can send them details depending on the number of products they request. Email customization is allowed. The extension makes the negotiation process seamless.
Developer Support
Functions as Described
Review by Karan / (Posted on April 4, 2019)
Does exactly what it promises and more
I've used several quoting options in the past and this one is at a great price and has all the functionality of the other systems I've used. I recommend it highly. And, the support team was extremely helpful working through a theme problem, getting the adjustments done quickly with regular communication on progress. Great team.
Developer Support
Functions as Described
Review by Tom / (Posted on December 19, 2018)
Pleasant Extension and Awesome Support
Emphatically recommend it. It works very easily on our site. Much thanks for this cool extension.
Developer Support
Functions as Described
Review by Phillip / (Posted on March 28, 2018)
Program works great. We used others in the past and this one delivers everything we need. Our usage is slightly different than normal and the support team has been great working with us to understand the settings for us to achieve the best situation.
Developer Support
Functions as Described
Review by Tom Martin / (Posted on January 25, 2018)
Give quotations easily
Using Quotation Manager Pro, I can manage product order quote, go through accepted quotes, rejected quotes and take a decision easily. This is very Useful extension!
Developer Support
Functions as Described
Review by Thomas Ortiz / (Posted on December 15, 2017)
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Functions as Described
Developer Support

Add New Feature & Bug Fixed

2020-04-06 10:38:55
  • Version number: 1.0.1
  • Stability:Stable
  • Compatibility: Magento CE 1.8.x - 1.9.x
  • Fix Quote Auto Increment issue.
  • Fix Customer Login issue.
  • Fix Bundle Product Dynamic Price issue.
  • Fix Issue regarding New customer not create when create Quote from admin panel.

Magento Quotation Manager Pro Extension

2017-12-08 17:47:41
  • Version number: 1.0.0
  • Stability: Stable
  • Compatibility: Magento CE 1.8.x - 1.9.x
  • Quotation Manager Pro module allows customers to request quotes for products instead of immediately adding them to the shopping cart.
  1. Q-1: I have installed Quotation Manager Extension. But When I try to access configuration page then I am getting 404 page not found error.

    Ans: After installing Quotation Manager. Please logout from admin account, re-login and refresh the cache.

  2. Q-2: Can I send notification email to more than one sales representative?

    Ans: Yes, you can provide list of comma separated email addresses in “Send Quotation Email Copy to:” those will be notified of each notifications.

  3. Q-3: Not able to add / update / delete cart item after conform and checkout Quotation. It gives the following error:

    Ans: Yes, you cannot able to add / update , delete current cart items because currently customer had accepted the proposal. So customer will be in the Quote Conformation Mode. So, for adding, editing or deleting quote item, click on the log out link. For disable Lock Proposal Select No in the “Lock Proposal” options in the Configuration. Proposal locked the cart item. Customer can not be able to edit or add need to purchase quoted items only.

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