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Magento PageSpeed Services – Improve Website Performance

Today, customers expect the website to load in two seconds or less. And, if your store doesn’t load quickly, the customer can move over to your competitor’s website. It means more abandoned carts. To prevent losing out on revenue, reduce website loading time and offer a streamlined experience to your customers. And, here’s where Google PageSpeed Insights can help you.

Now, simply using the PageSpeed Insights to know the website score is not enough. You need to work on improving your score by undertaking several measures. And, can help you in your pursuit of improving the performance of Magento store.

  • Cache Management

    Adequate web caching allows customers to access a web page quickly. It involves temporary storage of pages to reduce bandwidth and improve overall website performance. At, we understand the needs of your visitors and enable a solid cache management system so that customers can find things quicker than before.

  • Front-End Optimization – JS and CSS

    Optimizing your CSS code and JS are essential ways of improving front-end performance of the website. It is helpful when you are running a large website with several products. We work on reducing the number of requests sent to web server, merge, bundle and minimize CSS and JS files. It results in faster page loading.

  • Image Optimization

    Large images can make your website slower and lead to customer dissatisfaction. So, we optimize JPEG, PNG and GIF images. We incorporate the lazy load image feature so that images will load as and when necessary. We also work on setting image dimensions, and scaling images according to your needs.

  • Magento Performance Audits conducts a thorough performance audit that includes a report on URL rewrites, database logs, unnecessary extensions, front-end performance, performance analysis of different pages including home page, product pages, category pages, checkout page, etc. We also review cache configuration and server setup.

  • Installation and Configuration of Google PageSpeed

    Google PageSpeed tool is developed by Google and so, it is highly recommended for managing the speed. It has the potential to speed up your website by efficient management of web pages, CSS, JS and images. Checking in Google PageSpeed helps in identifying the problems with the speed of your website and thus, give you a direction for solving them.

  • Magento Extension Optimization

    Magento extensions allow us to make our website feature-rich. However, higher the number of extensions, the slower your website performs. It is because extensions require loading of CSS and JS files. We optimize the number of extensions on your website and remove unnecessary ones.

  • Update Magento theme

    It is necessary to keep your Magento theme updated so that you enjoy better coding, improved browser compatibility and updated CMS versions. We will check for the updates and ensure that your Magento theme offers all the benefits to you. If it comes to upgrading your Magento theme, our experts can help you with it.

  • Magento Hosting Improvements

    By using premium hosting services, you can guarantee fast loading time to your customers. We will ascertain the hosting needs of your e-commerce business and suggest you a reliable hosting service with a solid infrastructure. Our team will help with the migration from one server to another so that the entire process is seamless.

Why choose for Optimizing the Website Performance? is a reliable Magento development company with a wide experience of optimizing website performance. When it comes to increasing the speed of your website, we do not cut corners. Our methods are time-tested in helping store owners build and maintain a robust e-commerce website.

Another essential reason for choosing is our affordable price. Our price starts from $199. If you want to improve the performance of your website, let us analyze it so that we can provide you with an accurate quote. Contact us by submitting an inquiry form today.

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