Improved Layered Navigation Pro For Magento 1

 | v1.0.1
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  • Search for products quickly.

  • Improve sales numbers.

  • 100% Ajax-based custom navigation filters.

  • In-built Shop by Brand feature.

  • From-To widget option is available.

  • SEO-friendly URLs.

Magento Community :

1.6.x - 1.9.x


Magento Improved Layered Navigation Extension

Improving the navigation of your e-commerce store results in customers finding products quickly. The end result is better sales numbers and a greater number of loyal customers. If you want to customize the navigation of your store, you cannot go wrong with the Magento Improved Layered Navigation extension.

Create Ajax-based custom filters and display them in the side bar, top bar or choose the option to display them in both positions. You can add custom ratings filter, stock availability filter and even a From-To widget to select the price range. Add tool-tip for filter labels, add relevant option images on the product list page, manage SEO tags and do much more! It is truly a versatile extension that lets you customize the navigation of your store

Another Benefit: Built-in Shop by Brand feature so that brand-savvy customers can choose products on the basis of their brands.

How the Extension Works:

Manage Filters from Backend

Filters Management Banner
Edit Filters

Filters Editing Banner

Frontend Layout

Manage Tooltip

Option image in Product List Page

Manage Expand/Collapse Section

Manage Display Block of Filters

Manage Display Type of Filters

Multiselect Filters with OR & AND Logic

Options main image and active/hover image

Common Configuration of the Extension

General Settings
Layout of Top Layered Navigation
Category Filter Settings
Multiple Category Filter

Manage Category Filter Position
Price Filter Settings
SEO Settings
Manage NoFollow, NoIndex Meta Tags

Stock Filter

Rating Filter
Manage Shop by Brand

Shop by Brand List and Slider

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User Manual
  • User Guide Magebees Layered Navigation Pro For Magento 1 Extension V1.0.1-1 download here
  • Installation Guide Magebees Improved Layered Navigation For Magento 1 Extension V1.0.1 download here
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Bug Fixes

2017-30-11 05:56:00
  • Version number: 1.0.1
  • Stability: Stable
  • Compatibility: Magento CE 1.6.x - 1.9.x

Improved Layered Navigation Pro Extension

2017-02-24 03:44:00
  • Version number: 1.0.0
  • Stability: Stable
  • Compatibility: With Magento CE 1.6.x - 1.9.x
  1. (1) How to Refresh or Load Magebees filters?

    Please Go to >> MageBees >> Improved Layered Naivgation Pro >> Manage Filter . You can see "Load" button click on that for refresh or load magebees filters.

  2. (2) How to Refresh or Load Shop by brand Option?

    Please Go to >> MageBees >> Improved Layered Navigation Pro >> Manage Shop By Brand . You can see "Load" button click on that.

  3. (3) Can't Display option's image in Product list page.

    Set Display Attribute Options Images on Product List Page "yes" from manage filter .

    Go to Maanage Attribute >> Click on edit attributs >> Set Used in Product Listing to "Yes"

  4. (4) CONNECT ERROR: Failed to open file Error while installing extension using magento connect.

    Set Display Attribute Options Images on Product List Page "yes" from manage filter . If you face connect error failed to open file while installing the extension, then please follow these steps. Go To - [magento_root_directory]/downloader\lib\Mage\Archive\Tar.php Then find the near code line no 563: if (!($header['name'] == '././@LongLink' && $header['type'] == 'L')) { $header['name'] = trim($header['name']); return $header; } And replace it with: if (!(trim($header['name']) == '././@LongLink' && $header['type'] == 'L')) { $header['name'] = trim($header['name']); return $header; }

  5. (5) Category URL start with ID.

    Please reindex "Catalog URL Rewrites", for that, go to admin >> System >> Index Management. Reindex "Catalog URL Rewrites" .

  6. (6) Installed the Extension but menu is not displayed in the admin section.

    After installing the extension, refresh all cache and reload the page.

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