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 | v1.0.0
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  • Useful for all types of products and different payment types.

  • Import orders with any shipping methods and payment methods.

  • Option to validate the file before importing it to the store.

  • Create Invoices, Shipments and Credit memo at the time of import.

  • The extension supports multi-stores and all currencies.

  • Export all orders or filter the fields.

  • Import orders to specific store-view.

Magento Community :

1.4.x - 1.9.x


Magento Import Export Orders Extension

Do you want to merge multiple stores into one? Do you want to migrate to a newer version of Magento? Do you want to transfer old orders to your store? Make things simpler and faster with the Magento Import Export Orders extension. It is a flexible tool for transferring all orders from one store to another with the help of XML and CSV File. It supports a validation feature to ensure that you can import the data in the right order and without any errors. You can export all products or customize the fields to suit your needs.

    You can move the following order data in bulk:
  • Orders: Order Status History, Order Billing/Shipping Address, Order Date, Order Items, Shipping Method, Payment method, Payment History, Order Item Gift, Order Item Gift Message.
  • Invoice: Invoice Items and Invoice Comments.
  • Customer Information: Customer Name, Address, Email Id.
  • Product: Product ID, SKU, Quantity, Price, Tax Details, Other Information.
  • Shipping: Shipping Date, Shipping Items, Shipping Method, Shipping Tracking.
  • Credit Memos: Credit Memo comments, Credit Memo items.

Steps for Importing Orders:

1) Upload File

You can upload your exported CSV/XML file from here. The extension allows CSV/XML file format, so you can manage it easily.

2) Run Profile

Choose uploaded or already exist csv/xml file from Choose Import File. You can choose Import Behavior whether you want to Append new orders or Delete orders.

3) Validation Log

If any issue is found in your csv/xml file then all the errors will be displayed with order number and error details. We bifurcate errors in two sections, Major and Minor. If you do not fix minor error then it will allow you to import the orders but in case of major errors, you must fix the issue first.

4) Import Log

After importing orders, order details will be displayed. Even if any error occur during import process, it will also displayed with order number and error detail.

Steps for Exporting Orders:

1) File Configurations:

Use CSV/Tab Separated or XML (recommended) formats in which you want to export orders information.

2) Order Filters
  • Export Orders using Order status.
  • Export Orders using Order placement date.
  • Export Orders using Order number.
  • Export Orders using Customer ID.
3) Export Order Fields

Orders basic fields, Order billing / shipping addresses, Order Items, Order payments, Payment transactions, Order status history, Order Item Gift, Order Item Gift Message.

Shipments information like Shipment , Shipment comments, Shipped items, Shipments tracking.

Invoices information like Invoice, Invoice Items, Invoice comments.

Credit Memo information like Credit Memo, Credit Memo comments, Credit Memo items.

4) Export Order History

See a history of exported Orders.

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User Manual
  • Installation Guide Magebees Import Export Orders For Magento 1 Extension V1.0.0 download here
  • User Guide Magebees Import Export Orders For Magento 1 Extension V1.0.0 download here
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Import Export Orders Extension support CSV/XML file

2016-02-09 08:28:08

  • Version number: 1.0.0
  • Stability: Stable
  • Compatibility: Magento CE 1.4.x - 1.9.x
  • Import Export all Orders data from one magento to another magento store.
  1. Q-1: I have installed Import Export Orders Extension Using Magento Connect Manager. But, When I try to login into my magento admin, it shows a blank page.

    Ans: This type of issue occurred when Compilation is enabled in your magento store. Please disable our extension from/app/etc/modules/CapacityWebSolutions_ Importexportorders.xml file.

    • For disabling our extension by settingfalsetag in the above mention file.
    • Rename var folder to var-old which is available in your Magento Root directory.
    • Please Re-Compile your magento store. Once Re-Compilation is completed then enable our extension by settingtruetag.
    • Please refresh all magento cache and Log-out from the admin and Re-Login into the admin section.
  2. Q-2: How i can import orders with all customer details (each billing and shipping address)?

    Ans: For all customer details, you have to use default customers import/export functionality. Go To System -> Import / Export -> Dataflow – Profiles. Use Import Customers and Export Customers.

    Note: Before starting importing orders process you have to import all customers.
  3. Q-3: Order shows different date/time, What I need to do?

    Ans: It happens due to different time-zone in your magento store. If you want to set same date and time, please set same time-zone as original website is having.

  4. Q-4: Order shows store as deleted in grid and order details. What should I do?

    Ans: It happens due to store code does not exist. Make sure you have used the same store code and assigned to same website as original website have for smooth order importing process.

  5. Q-5: What is the use of “Try to Import Orders to Corresponding Store Views” drop down while importing Orders?

    Ans: When you import orders and there is no related store available in the new Magento Instance then import orders in the selected drop down store view. If you select No from the “Try to import Orders to Corresponding Store Views” and if there is no any related store view then order will be assigned as deleted store view.

  6. Q-6: Order not showing Payment Method label same as original website have it. What should I do?

    Ans: It happens due to payment methods configuration. You can set payment methods label in System > Configuration > Your Payment Method configuration. Set label according to your requirements.

  7. Q-7: After importing new orders, it does not open and display orders. The Requested Payment Method is not available?

    Ans: It happens due to payment method is not installed in your new site. So, you need to install Payment method in this setup.

  8. Q-8: I am getting max execution time error, what I need to do?

    Ans: If you are getting time out error then increase your time out limit. For that, you have to consult your hosting guy.

  9. Q-9: How many validation log and import log? Can I see?

    Ans: You can just see last validation and import log. If you want to keep validation/import log, then you have to export it from validation or import tab in CSV format.

  10. Q-10: I am getting “‘var/export' directory does not exist!” error.

    Ans: It comes due to var/export directory does not exist or not having write permission.

  11. Q-11: I am getting “‘var/import' directory does not exist!” error.

    Ans: The error comes due to var/import directory does not exist or not having write permission.

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