Is your Magento Store all Decked Out and Ready for Holiday Shopping?

Christmas is right around the corner! Is your Magento store ready for customers? Just as brick and mortar stores put in efforts to grab the attention of holiday shoppers, you must attract new customers and convince the old ones to shop from your store. Learn tips and tricks to prepare your store for Christmas shopping.

In the era of online shopping, shoppers want to seek respite from the crowded malls and turn to e-commerce stores to complete their Christmas shopping list. If you own/manage an e-commerce website, you know the importance of driving sales during those last few days of the year. Now that December has begun, it is the perfect time to include strategies and make your website more functional than ever. Allow your customers the ease of shopping and build a loyal customer base that extends beyond the frenzied holiday season.

Is your Magento Store ready for the Christmas Shopping Activity?

  • Attract New Customers

We understand that attracting new customers is way more expensive than targeting existing ones. But today, when all brands are just a mouse click away, customer loyalty is becoming a fairly skewed concept. You need to bring in new customers to increase revenue. Also, sales, discounts and promotions are an easy way of bringing new customers to your website.

How will you achieve your goal? Work on SEO and improve search engine rankings. By improving store visibility, you will be able to get new visitors. You can use Google Page Speed Optimizer to improve your website on the basis of Google PageSpeed Insights. This will prevent you from search engine penalties. It will also deliver a faster website and improve SEO rankings. Magento 2 Google Rich Snippets extension is another tool for highlighting product information in organic search and convincing customers to visit your store. You can also auto-generate product feeds for shopping comparison sites and allow customers to find you easily.

For existing customers, you can send customized emails to remind them to finish last-minute gift shopping. You can send personalized discount coupons to registered customers and convince them to shop more.

  • Make your Customer Aware

Whether you bring in new customers or convince the existing group to shop, you need to make sure that promotions and discounts are visible on the website. How can you promote offers on your website? The task is easy. Make use of promotional notifications and display them at the top/bottom of the website. You can even create pop-ups to notify customers about new offers and events. Show promo codes, mention validity period and convert casual visitors into ardent shoppers. You can even create multiple responsive banner sliders on the home page and other important pages of the website to inform visitors about the upcoming offers and sales.

If you are promoting an offer for a limited time, you can create a Deal of the Day section on the website. Choose a timer format and remind customers to finish the shopping process within the stipulated time period.

  • Ensure an Easy Shopping Process

Now that you have convinced your customers to shop, you need to ensure that the shopping process is seamless. Eliminate obstacles and make shopping quick by following the below-mentioned tips:

  • Work on faster and error-free navigation. It starts with the creation of easy-to-understand menu and sub-menu items.
  • Offer 100% Ajax-based navigation filters so that customers can select multiple product attributes and filter results according to their choice.
  • Today, customers are brand-savvy and want to find their favorite brands at the click of a mouse button. Why not add a Shop by Brand extension to your Magento store?
  • Make adding products to the cart easy. Use an Ajax-based shopping cart extension so that your customers can add products to the cart from any page they want. Use the auto-update feature to refresh the cart without reloading the page.
  • One essential factor that turns away casual shoppers is the length of the checkout process. Optimize the checkout process and allow guest customers to buy products from your website without creating accounts.

Now, that you know about the different ways in which you can attract Xmas shoppers, what are you waiting for? Get ready to deck your Magento store with all the essential features and make it the perfect shopping destination for all.

Black Friday may be over, but make sure you are ready for the Christmas shopping extravaganza. If you are new to the world of e-commerce stores, make sure you hire an experienced Magento developer to help you analyze your needs for different Magento extensions. With an expert at your beck and call, you will be able to grab a larger pie from the holiday shopping market.

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