How to Optimize the Checkout Page to decrease Abandon Cart Rate?

Having quality products doesn’t guarantee large number of online sales. You need to ensure a smooth, secure and easy checkout process for better results. Learn how to achieve your goal of improved sales and reduced abandonment car rate. A single-page checkout can help you as well. It’s time to build a successful e-commerce store.

You have spent several dollars on the website. Your products are decent and your prices are low. You even have a reliable shipping service. And, still, you are unable to convert casual shoppers into loyal customers. Your website’s abandonment rate is high. The reason can be a cumbersome checkout process. Remember that stylish designs and stunning visuals will carry no value if the website’s conversion rate is low. Increase the number of orders on your e-commerce store by giving your customers what they want.

Three Essentials that Improve the Checkout Page

E-commerce checkout is the place where the magic happens. If you are struggling with abandoned shopping carts, improve the checkout process. Your goal should be improving three essential things that are extremely important for your customer.

1. A Time-Saving Checkout Process

A smooth checkout process is time-saving and stress-free. It offers incredible ease in choosing the products and placing the order. If you want your checkout process to be better, it should include:

  • Minimized Checkout – Eliminate unnecessary steps, multiple fields and rigid validation rules to ensure a short checkout.
  • Visible Checkout Buttons – Do not force your customer to keep looking for the checkout button.
  • Allow Promo Codes – Present customers with an opportunity to save money with promo codes at the checkout.
  • Guest Checkout – Registrations often act as an obstruction in making an impulse purchase.
  • Post-Purchase Account Creation - Allow for account creation at the end of the checkout process so that customers can track their order easily.
  • Email Follow-up – Exit popups may not open in all browsers. So, opt for emails to know the reason behind cart abandonment.
  • Show the Final Price – Avoid any form of miscommunication by providing a final price including shipping charges and taxes.
  • Allow a Final Review – Allow customers to review their shopping cart one final time before placing the order.

2. A Safe Checkout is a Must

In the age of cyber attacks and data theft, every customer wants the website to assume the responsibility of the safety of their financial information. Make sure that you are vigilant and assure your customer of total safety.

  • Highly Secure Website - The checkout page URL must be https. Also, make sure that the padlock icon is visible to tell your customers about the SSL protocol.
  • Visually Reinforce Credit Card Field – Make the payment section visually robust to give an idea of additional security.
  • Trust Seals – Customers perceive websites to be secure when they see third party seals including McAfee, VeriSign, BBB Accredited, etc.
  • Include Multiple Payment Options – Customers feel secure when they are offered payment choices.
  • Include Several Shipping Methods – Allow different shipping methods and give your customers an opportunity to decide.
  • Add Essential Links – Do not forget to add links related to terms & conditions, privacy policy, shipping policy, returns policy and FAQs.
  • Opt for Enclosed Checkout – Strip down the checkout section of the website so as to remove any barrier to the purchase.

3. A Simple and Stress-Free Checkout

A checkout process may be time-saving and secure. But, if it is not easy to access and comprehend, you will lose customers. Learn how you can simplify the process.

  • Address Lookup Solutions – To ensure quick and easy form filling.
  • Default Shipping Address – Copy shipping address as billing address to save time.
  • Delivery Date and Time – Allow customers to choose their delivery date and time.
  • Lucid Error Messages – Show clear and easy-to-understand error messages to customer in order to solve any error quickly.
  • Include Product Summary – Show a product summary including quantity, size, color, etc. to assure customers of a correct purchase.
  • Option to Continue – Websites must allow customers to shop from the checkout page and add a few things that they may have missed.
  • Gift Wrap/Message – Ideal for holiday shopping, it allows the customers to add a personal touch.

Importance of One-Page Checkout!

Customers do not bother for long checkout especially if it is an impulse purchase. Several studies manifest the importance of one-page checkout. It is a fact that fewer clicks mean more sales. Customers prefer the one-page checkout process because they perceive it to be simpler and quicker than a multi-page checkout.

Single-page checkouts do not have any navigational elements which mean customers do not need to go back to the previous page to edit information. In multi-page checkout, there are high chances of customers having to re-enter data because of returning to the previous pages.

So, if you want to streamline the checkout process, focus on reducing customer grievances. KISS (Keep it Simple) is the best rule to follow while working on the checkout process. For example, Amazon’s website is simple and allows you to finish your order in three easy steps. It even gives you a visual presentation (progress indicator) of the checkout process to show how many steps remain.

Remember that the checkout is the most essential conversion tool for e-commerce websites. An improperly structured checkout process can cause higher abandonment rates. Your consumer requires better service to match your quality products. Optimize the checkout process, make it user-friendly and your sales will definitely rise.

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