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Magento is one of the top-rated and extremely popular shopping cart software. It is an SEO-friendly e-commerce solution for small businesses, mid-sized organizations and large multi-nationals as well. You can customize it to suit your needs, budget and business goals. But how do you ensure that the Magento store delivers success? Hiring Magento developers will let you stay on top of new tech developments.


The Why: Why do you need to hire a Magento Developer?

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    Focus on Core Business

    When you hire Magento developer to take care of store management, you are able to free up some time for the core business such as operations, marketing, sales, human resources, etc. Focus on business operations and let an expert Magento programmer handle the store for you. This will lead to less downtime, reduced errors and better customer satisfaction.

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    Dedicated Tech Expertise at your Service

    Not every businessman has the needed technical expertise to manage a Magento store successfully. Whether you need to customize a Magento extension and improve store functionalities, install new security patches or even take care of migrating your store to the latest Magento version, our Magento programmer will help you.

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    Seize Potential Opportunities Easily

    For an online business to be successful, you need to address new opportunities and provide solutions to customers immediately. For example, if you need special responsive banners for the Holidays, our Magento developer can deliver them to suit your needs. If there is a problem of abandoned carts on your website, he will add new functionalities to tackle the issue and help you generate more sales.


The How: How to make the Right Hiring Decision?

1. What are your Needs?

When it comes to Magento development services, you have endless options. What do you need to grow your business? MageBees.com can help you with the following:

  • Magento store management
  • Create new Magento store
  • Redesign existing e-commerce stores
  • Customize existing Magento extensions
  • Build new Magento plugins
  • Develop customized shopping carts
  • Magento website development
  • Create a new Magento theme
  • Create new Magento templates
  • Magento template integration
  • Magento integration with CMSs and CRMs
  • Migrate Magento stores
  • Magento enterprise solutions and more.

First, understand your goal and create a list of tasks that you require. To help you out, MageBees.com gives you a comprehensive task-sheet related to back-end development as well as front-end development. Select the ones that suit your organization:

A. The Tasks of a Back-End Developer

  • Magento template integration
  • Manage and update HTML5, CSS, JS, Ajax, etc. for the website.
  • Update MySQL.
  • Integrate APIs and plugins.
  • Customize Magento extensions and configure them.
  • Optimize web server configurations.
  • Manage and update web applications.
  • Integrate payment gateways.

B. The Tasks of a Front-End Developer

  • Create user-friendly pages and increase interaction with customers.
  • Adequate knowledge of HTML5, JavaScript, AngularJS, Backbone.js, jQuery, Bootstrap, CSS, etc.
  • Provide high-quality graphic images.
  • Experience using Adobe Suite, Photoshop, etc.
  • Create practical and feasible UI/UX designs.
  • Implement responsive design for mobile-friendly sites.
  • Test the site and fix the bugs, if any.
  • Offer suggestions on the best SEO practices.

2. Flexible Hiring Models: What do you need?

Depending on the list of tasks, you can hire a dedicated Magento developer, opt for a part-time programmer or choose expert help on an hourly basis.

Opt for a Full-Time, Dedicated Magento Developer:

If you want a Magento professional to manage your store and ensure efficient store maintenance, we suggest you opt for a dedicated programmer. At MageBees.com, we prefer streamlining your work and ensuring minimal disturbance. If you hire a full-time Magento expert, you will get access to him throughout the working hours. You can contact him via email, Skype or any other mode of communication that is comfortable for you.

Choose a Part-Time Magento Developer:

If you need help with just a few tasks or a small project, you can opt for this option. Our certified and expert Magento professional will be at your beck and call for the pre-determined time period.

Hire a Magento Developer on Hourly Basis:

If the appraisal of your organization tells you that you need a Magento expert for just a couple of hours every month, MageBees.com can customize the Magento development services for you.

The What: What is the Cost of hiring a Magento Developer in 2019?

Usually, the cost of hiring a full-time Magento developer starts from $1599 per month. Also, hiring a Magento programmer on an hourly basis can cost you in the range of $15-$30 per hour. However, the actual cost of hiring an experienced Magento developer depends on the level of job complexity, number of man hours required, experience of the developer and more. At MageBees.com, we believe in total honesty. Hence, we will understand your requirements first and then provide you with an honest quote.

The Unlimited Benefits of choosing MageBees.com!

MageBees.com is known for stellar customer support and robust Magento solutions for e-commerce businesses. We are one of the top-rated Magento developers in India. Situated in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, we provide services across the globe. Choose us for the following reasons:

  • We have solid understanding and experience of the entire web development cycle.
  • We emphasize on efficiency, accuracy and precision.
  • Our developers thrive working on deadlines and delivering on time.
  • You can expect excellent communication with other members of the team.
  • We promise a functional, more user-friendly website.

Your Magento website is your most valuable possession. Do not hire any unreliable Magento developers and put your e-commerce business in jeopardy. Choose only the best. Hire MageBees.com for Magento development services. Our Magento developers will help you reach the pinnacle of success. Get in touch today to discuss your needs.

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Who we are?

Started in 2009, MageBees.com is a renowned Magento development company. It is a venture of Capacity Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. The company was created to provide incredible e-commerce solutions to Magento stores. Whether you require feature-rich Magento extensions at the best price or you need to migrate your store to the latest Magento version, we are here to serve you. With our comprehensive e-commerce services that include Magento store creation, Magento store maintenance and installation of security patches, MageBees.com is the trusted choice of 25,000+ Magento developers worldwide. We are committed to providing immediate support that makes the world of e-commerce seamless and stress-free for you.

Join our large group of satisfied customers from across the globe including: USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Netherlands, China, Norway, Italy, Germany, France, Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Iceland, Spain, Denmark, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Switzerland, UAE, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, India, Malaysia, Africa, Brazil, Thailand, Russia, Japan and Finland. We are proud of our Magento developers, designers and support team who work tirelessly to build stunning, sustainable and successful e-commerce stores for you.

Our Reviews
  • Amazing Features! - for Product Labels extension
    This extension has really shined through all the others we tried. Simple to work with, lots of customization and conditional options. The support team and developer are great at helping to resolve issues and answer any questions you have. I highly suggest this over any other label/banner extension out there!
    Steven Jackson , United States April 12, 2018 https://www.tugasunwear.com
  • Great extension & support! - for Best Seller Products extension
    Great extension & support!
    Prabakaran Ramiah , Sri Lanka December 29, 2016 http://www.butikk350.com
  • Excellent Extension with great support! - for Import Export Products extension
    When we tried to use this extension to import hundreds of configurable products associated with 46 simple products, the process was very slow and sometimes we will encounter the 500 Internal Server Error. We therefore contacted the developer for help. They responded quickly and provided us a file without the re-indexing code. This speeded up the process a lot and made product import went smoothly. Thank you!
    Barry Dong , Canada July 04, 2017 http://chibuttons.com
  • Perfect tool for our needs - for Quotation Manager Pro extension
    We needed a tool to allow customers to submit requests for quotes to sales engineers who would work with the customer on their final product. Working around some of the limitations of the Magento 1.9 interface, QMP is just what we need, and offers a number of unique -- and uniquely useful -- features. The documentation is not as thorough as I would have liked, but their support has been excellent and that more than makes up for any shortcomings.
    Tod Abbott , United States April 18, 2019 http://blackrocktradingco.com
  • Excellent - for Most viewed Products extension
    This extension is very good, i have installed in magento 1.9.2. it's working fine and almost meet with my requirements.
    Wajahat Bashir , United Arab Emirates April 11, 2018 http://www.fakhruddinhotels.com/souqportal/
  • Great Extension - for Product Feed Generator extension
    An excellent extension from magebees which does exactly as described. I used this for google feeds and feeds to linnworks. This is the 2nd extension purchased from magebees as there work is great and customer service is A*
    Gary Smyth , United Kingdom July 21, 2018 https://www.jimsonline.co.uk
  • Great Import Tool! - for Import Export CMS Blocks extension
    This extension provided us the ability to import specific data that is not available through the standard Magento CE import tool. We desired a quick way to create a large number of blocks which we could then connect to their specific category page and this tool was up to the task. In addition, MageBees support is first rate. They were extremely responsive and helpful. I would highly recommend this extension!
    Michael Obenchain , United States March 29, 2017 http://new.bcwsupplies.com
  • The Best extension. Excellent developer support - for Promotions Notification Pro extension
    Nothing to say except , they have an amazing support team and best promotion notification extension ever Thank you and good job
    MUHANNAD QAMHIYEH , Israel September 01, 2017 https://www.hoon.ps
  • Very Useful Tool - for Featured Products Extension extension
    Powerful extension for up stratified navigation with several capabilities. As invariably Magebees provides nice support and is continually up and adding new options for this extension.
    Masud Shaikh , India June 14, 2018 http://outdoorkitchenoutlet.com
  • Fantastic extension and terrific support - for Import Export Products Extension extension
    This is a great extension. We experienced lots of issues with the Magento 2 native import trying to import configurable products with hundreds of children. This extension has worked really great and the support provided to us has been outstanding. Thank you guys!!
    Eliyahu Eichenblatt , United States August 19, 2017 http://www.rtstactical.com
  • Such a time saving module - for Import Export Products extension
    Great extension, worked well and smooth. Helpful documentation and support.
    Jawad Khan , United Arab Emirates September 14, 2016 http://scrubsandclogs.ae
  • Excellent Extension!!! - for Lazy Load Images extension
    Installed easily with no problems (Magento v1.9.3.10). Just had to figure out: A: Which file to add the cwslazyloader class/data. B. Where to add them in the file. My site uses an Ultimo theme & is heavily modified. So the file was in a different location & the code was slightly different. However, once I got them in the correct place - BINGO it does what it is supposed to do. Thank you Magebees team for this FREE & functioning Extension!
    Camille Smith , United States January 24, 2019 https://www.dvineinspiration.com
  • Great and quick support - for Quotation Manager extension
    To comply with my customer requirement, this extension is very matched what our customer is looking for. Not only is the great feature on quotation but also the great support and quick response team. Highly recommended.
    Apichart Phatthanasutthinon , Thailand April 06, 2019 www.pangolinonline.com
  • most comprehensive and good support - for YMM Products Parts Finder extension
    I've gone through the amasty and another part finder. They are both good but have their limitations. The magebees one had a lot of extra features to make the set up easy and when I had a query they handled it within 24 hours.
    Marie van den berg , Ireland April 30, 2019