Google Rich Snippets Extension For Magento 2

Google Rich Snippets For Magento 2

 | v1.0.0

  • Increase SEO rankings with Google Rich Snippets.

  • Improve mobile organic search results with Google Rich Cards.

  • Improve web traffic and increase sales.

  • Highlight product details such as SKU, ratings, and price in search results.

  • Add products availability and condition tags to Rich Snippets.

  • Show products ratings and reviews for product and category pages.

  • Enable breadcrumbs for Rich Snippets.

  • Display search input box for the home page in search results.

  • Generate Rich Snippets with the organization's name, logo and social profiles.


Magento Open Source / Enterprise / Cloud :

2.0.X - 2.4.X

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Magento 2 Google Rich Snippets Extension

Make your e-commerce store work harder for you. Manage your visibility on organic search engine rankings by adding the Magento 2 Google Rich Snippets extension. By using Rich Snippets, you will be able to customize the search result and add structured micro-data to it. You can specify prices, ratings, reviews and more to help the search engine understand your product/content as well as aid in bringing the right customer to your store.

Leading a customer to an out-of-stock product creates a bad impression. This may lead to a higher Bounce Rate as customers won’t find the product they need. So, add the availability tag to product rich snippets to provide real-time information to customers. Additionally, you can display the search input box for the home page so that customers can easily find what they are looking for.

Extension Features :

  • Increase Search-Engine Rankings
  • MageBees Google Rich Snippets Extension provides essential information about your product/business to search engines. With all the required data in a structured form, you will gain a higher place in SERP.
  • Gain the Right Traffic for your Store
  • A higher SEO ranking results in increased traffic. But what your store needs to increase sales is to find the right customers who are looking for your products. With the Rich Snippets extension, you will be able to showcase information such as price, review and ratings that will convince customers to click on your site.
  • Product/Category Page Rich Snippets
  • In the world of e-commerce, you may be selling similar products or the same products as your competitor. To differentiate in the eyes of search-engines and customers, you need to provide as much data as possible. With the M2 extension, you can give out detailed information related to various attributes such as:

    • Price,
    • SKU,
    • Stock Availability,
    • Rating & Review,
    • Manufacturer & Brand.

  • Stock Availability & New Condition Tags
  • Add availability tag to product rich snippets to make them more informative. So, customers will see whether the product they need is in stock even without visiting the website.

    Example of Stock Availability & New Condition Tags

  • Show Average Products Rating

    customers can see the average products ratings to help them know more about items' quality even without opening your store pages.

  • Organization Rich Snippets

Customize your organic search results by adding the business name and logo, website URL, etc. to it. You can even mention the business address, contact information, customer service phone number, etc. Additionally, you can connect social media profiles of the company to Rich Snippets and work on building a loyal relationship with customers.

Example of Organization Rich Snippets

  • Additional Benefit: Google Image Search

With the recently launched Google Image Search feature, the search-engine giant uses product images to show customers what they need. If you use Google Rich Snippets optimally, your products will be shown in image search results and thus, aid you in getting more visibility.

  • Enable Search Box
  • Let buyers find exactly what they need. By enabling the search box, the organic search results will show a small search box along with your business information. Customers can use it to find products/information within your store.

    Example of Enabled Search Box

  • Breadcrumb Rich Snippets
  • Use the extension to add breadcrumbs in Rich Snippets to show the page's position in the site hierarchy. With clear navigation, your website will be user-friendly and help search engines to understand your website content accurately. A win-win!

    Example of Breadcrumb Rich Snippets

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User Manual
  • Installation Guide Magebees Google Rich Snippets For Magento 2 Extension V1.0.0download here
  • User Guide Magebees Google Rich Snippets For Magento 2 Extension V1.0.0download here

Customer Reviews   8 item(s)
Rich Results for my Websites
Nowadays, customers want more information on the search engine pages and Google wants store owners to display all information in an organized manner. Gone are the days when the product URL in blue and a few words in meta description did the job. Structured data on Google results is the norm. I am thankful to MageBees for this perfect extension. It makes displaying product reviews, price, availability so effortless.
Developer Support
Functions as Described
Review by Matthew C. / (Posted on August 30, 2021)
Improved SEO rankings
Excellent plugin! It has helped in improving mobile search rankings. It showed snippets properly without a lot of extra work! Worth buying!
Developer Support
Functions as Described
Review by Kaya / (Posted on October 5, 2020)
Better Results due to Schema Markup
This extension is single-handedly responsible for improving the search results of my website. The product results are displayed with all the accurate information on Google. I was struggling with managing structured data but not anymore. Schema tags seem so easy now. I cannot thank you enough.
Developer Support
Functions as Described
Review by Saqt23 / (Posted on September 4, 2020)
So many benefits
By installing the Google Rich Snippets extension, I was able to improve SEO rankings. Google bot is able to crawl pages and get data in a very organized manner. Not only that customers are able to find the exact product they need and the bounce rate has gone down because they know about the product right from the beginning.
Developer Support
Functions as Described
Review by oliver / (Posted on June 27, 2020)
Happy Customer
Very happy with the Google Rich Snippets extension. We needed an extension that would handle rich snippets and offer structured information to search engines as well as users. This extension helps in giving precise and accurate "sneak preview" to customers and encourages them to visit the page. Personally, I love how i am able to customise the rich snippets section effortlessly.
Developer Support
Functions as Described
Review by Barry / (Posted on April 8, 2020)
Good Work
It works great! I have created rich snippets with product availability, price, and ratings. Enabling breadcrumbs was easy too.
Developer Support
Functions as Described
Review by C. Dev / (Posted on March 13, 2020)
100% Recommended
Do you want to show relevant information in Google Rich Snippets? Well, you must choose this extension. I have used it for the past several months and it definitely makes showing data to customers easy. By showing reviews in the search results and offering a search box, we have definitely seen an increase in people visiting our website.
Developer Support
Functions as Described
Review by Avnee / (Posted on March 6, 2020)
Must Have SEO Tool..!!
Nice tool to improve the search engine rankings. Thanks a lot!
Developer Support
Functions as Described
Review by Kiara / (Posted on October 14, 2019)
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Functions as Described
Developer Support

Google Rich Snippets Extension For Magento 2

2019-10-14 02:40:18
  • Version number: 1.0.0
  • Stability: Stable
  • Compatibility: With Magento C.E 2.0 , 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4
  1. Q-1: I have tried to install “Google Rich Snippets Extension” using the terminal, but I am not able to install it using the command line. What are the steps for custom installation of the extension?

    Ans : Please contact us to install the module in your store.

  2. Q-2: I have set Social Profiles Enabled to Yes. However, I am still not able to find social profile data in Rich Snippets, why?

    Ans : Please make sure that “Organization” is enabled to get the Social Media Profiles working.

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