Get Online; Sell more Wine: Tips for Building an Online Wine Store

Are you ready to sell wine online? It’s a wise decision to build a Magento e-commerce store to sell more to wine enthusiasts and wine connoisseurs across the globe. Take the right first step by choosing a feature-rich wine store theme. It will make the task of building an e-commerce website quick and easy for you.

In vino veritas! 

In wine, there is truth! In wine, there is happiness! And, this is truer than ever.

According to a Nielsen March 2020 report, combined U.S. dollar sales of wine from retail and the DTC (Direct to Consumer) shipment were almost $2.5 billion. It is an increase of nearly 30% versus the year before. The numbers show that large gatherings may have become a thing of past, but a quiet night with crowd favorites such as Sauvignon Blanc or Shiraz is still as popular as ever.

When everyone is still anxious about going out in the world, it makes sense to bring them their favorite wine home. Thanks to the world of e-commerce, physical boundaries are a blur. It doesn’t matter where your store is located, you can reach wine connoisseurs and run a prosperous business with the help of the internet.

Thinking of building a Wine Store Online? “Wine” not?

For a wine shop or a winery, the ability to sell more wine bottles and earn more revenue is like winning the jackpot. As always looks matter! And, if you want to sell wine successfully over the internet, you need a website that attracts your customers and makes them drool over your fine wine. Here’s what you need to get your store online and sell more wine. 

1. Magento makes Magic

When you decide on choosing an e-commerce platform, give serious thought to Magento. Create a Magento e-commerce store to enjoy incredible benefits over other options. It is highly scalable, flexible, and secure. Magento is an SEO-friendly platform and allows you to manage multiple stores from a single dashboard. It means you can enter several international markets and even create micro-websites for different wine categories easily. Plus, you will find plenty of Magento extensions and plugins to improve upon the default Magento capabilities.

2. Elegant, Responsive Design to match your Elegant Product  

There is prime importance on the design of the website. Visually appealing to the taste of your customers, your online wine store should look perfect on every device. Cross-browser compatibility is also essential because customers now use multiple browsers and different versions to search for products.

Make sure you choose a responsive theme. This way you will be able to remove the restrictions, in terms of location, device, screen size, etc. and allow customers to access your wine store any way they want. Choose to build a multi-lingual e-store so that you can offer the delightful wines in many languages and expand your target market.

With easy access, you will be able to improve impulse purchases and thus, increase revenue for your business.

3. Effortless Navigation makes Wine Shopping Easy

Other than the design, navigation is one essential element that makes your Magento store a success. Good navigation allows the search engine bots to index your website properly. Additionally, it helps in reducing the bounce rates and provides customers a clear “road” to purchase decisions.

Consider using a sticky menu so that customers can access the menu without having to scroll the entire page. Keep it short and concise so that customers can find their favorite wine in a matter of seconds.

You can opt for a responsive mega menu and create stylish menus that are visible on all devices and platforms. A responsive menu will take a shorter time to load and thus, make your website faster than before. You can even show custom images of different wine products for the menu and help customers find the exact wine that they want to buy.

By choosing improved layered navigation, display 100% Ajax-based filters on category pages. Buyers will be able to multi-select attributes and filter wines based on multiple features such as:

  • Wine Ingredients – Primary Grape
  • Sweet-Dry Scale
  • Brand
  • Country of Origin
  • State of Origin
  • Region
  • Special Features (Vegan, Kosher, Organic, NSA (No Sulfite Added)
  • Awards and Accolades
  • Food-Pairing
  • Vintage
  • Price, etc.

Work on e-commerce features that make navigation intuitive, quick, and effortless so that purchasing from your online wine store becomes easy.

4. Search your Wine!

No matter how elegant and functional the navigation of your website, you need a search feature that allows visitors to find anything they want. With the Ajax Quick Search feature, you will be able to show instant results to customers. The auto-suggest feature ensures that customers see results as soon as they type a word in the search tab.

For example, if a customer searches for “red wine”, you will be able to show a list of multiple product pages that contain the same keyword. It is helpful when customers know what they want to buy and make a quick purchase without exploring the product catalog. You can even show suggested products and useful CMS pages in the search results pop-up and encourage customers to shop more.

5. Interact with Wine Enthusiasts

Interactive websites offer a more personalized experience to users. It can separate you from other run-of-the-mill wine sellers on the internet and build a sense of loyalty among your customers. You can incorporate the following user-driven methods and inspire customers to interact with your website:

  • Trivia quizzes, games, and voting contests.
  • Product surveys.
  • Social media sharing buttons to share your products.
  • Product reviews from customers.
  • Newsletter and blog subscriptions.
  • Blog comments and blog post sharing button, etc.

By creating an interactive online wine store, you will be able to collect data from existing customers and potential buyers. It will help you in making strategic decisions and improve your sales numbers as well.

Choose a Wine Store Theme: Take the Right First Step!

Are you ready to deliver wine at the customer’s doorstep? Are you excited to build an online empire? Let’s set things in motion.

Remember that the theme is the foundation of your Magento store. To enjoy a feature-rich, attractive website, you need to choose a Magento readymade wine store theme that addresses your concerns and offers all the features that you require.

It is wise choosing a readymade theme because there are several specialized Magento themes available on the market. And, with the ability to customize them to suit your brand, you will be able to create a unique e-commerce website in no time. Instead of spending several months over building a new theme and verifying its features, you can opt for a tried-and-tested option and build your store in a shorter period.

A readymade theme is budget-friendly with several features to help you make the right first step in the ferocious world of e-commerce. So, make a wise choice; choose a theme and get ready for a successful online wine store.

Here’s raising the glass to the success of your online wine store!

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