Follow Up Email Extension for Magento2

Follow Up Email For Magento 2

 | v1.0.0

  • Most effective tool to win back customers and increase sales.

  • 20+ ready-made email templates based on different customer events and activity.

  • Buy now and get 15% off. Use the code: APTheme15

  • Send follow up emails automatically or schedule them manually.

  • Send abandoned cart reminder emails, birthday wishes, product recommendations, review requests, promotional emails, and more.

  • Add Up-sell, Cross-sell, and Related Products to the email grid.

  • Use Google Analytics to gather customer information.

  • Create customized rules and schedules for sending different emails.

  • Functionality to add email to the blacklist.

  • Edit email queue, clear email list automatically/manually.

  • Email testing feature available.

Magento Community / Enterprise : 2.3.X, 2.4.X

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Unlike a brick-and-mortar store that is filled with experienced sales team, your e-commerce website does not have a salesperson to convince and retain customers. But, fret not! MageBees has the perfect solution to get your business up and going! Install Magento 2 Follow Up Email extension and send customized emails to win back customers.

We have created 20+ pre-defined templates for customer activities and events. From targeting abandoned carts with specialized discount codes to encouraging inactive customers to make the purchase with new product recommendations and promotions, you can do much more with Follow Up Email extension.

If you want to send emails for customer registration, customer login, order status, abandoned carts, wishlist products, birthdays, product recommendations, newsletters, offers, promotions, and more, the MageBees module is the ultimate extension to do the job accurately. Create multiple rules and set up schedules to send emails automatically or manually. Manage email queues from the backend and set up a strong communication channel with customers.

Back-end Configurations:

1. General Configuration Section

  • Enable Module: You can able to enable or disable this module by choosing Yes/No.
  • Select Sender Email: Select the email sender to send mail to the customer.
  • Send Copy of email to: Add (CC) email to send a copy of the email.

2. Abandoned Cart Email Section

  • Enable Abandoned Cart: You can able to enable or disable abandoned carts by choosing Yes/No.
  • Time for Cart consider as Abandoned: Add time in minutes to set cart as abandoned.

3. Customer Win-Back Email Section

  • Enable Customer Reminder: You can able to enable or disable by choosing Yes/No.
  • Define Customer as No Active: Add time in hours to consider customer as no active.

4. Wish Customer on Birthday Section

  • Send Email on Customer Birthday: enable it choosing Yes/No.

5. Product Recommendation Section

  • Send Email of Product Recommendation: enable or disable choosing Yes/No.
  • Send Mail Day of Month: Select day of the month, every month mail sends on that day for product recommendation.

6. Best-selling products of Month Section

  • Send Email of Best-Selling Product: enable or disable choosing Yes/No.
  • Send Mail Day of Month: Select day of the month, every month mail sends on that day for best-selling product mail.

7. Latest offers on Store Email Section

  • Send Email of latest offers: enable or disable choosing Yes/No.
  • Add Sales Rule: Select yes to add sales rule in the mail.
  • Select Sales Rule: Select the Sales rule that you want to add in the mail.
  • Add Catalog Rule: Select yes to add catalog rule in the mail.
  • Select Catalog Rule: Select the Catalog rule that you want to add in the mail.

8. Testing Configuration Section

  • Enable Testing: If testing mode is enabled then all schedule mails will send to specified testing email address.
  • Test Recipient Email: Add the email address for receive test emails.

9. Email Log Settings

  • Clear Email log: If you choose yes then created email log will be deleted after specified days.
  • Clear Email Logs After: Add days for auto clean email log.

Add Follow Up Email Rules

  • Rule Name: Add rule name.
  • Select Event: select event for rule.
  • Status: Select status of the rule Active/Inactive.
  • Send to Newsletter Subscriber only: if select yes mail sends to news-letter subscribed users only.
  • Add Up-selling, Related, Cross-selling products: Select yes/no.
  • Select Product Type: if selected to add product select products type, a grid of that product types adds in the mail.

Customer Group & Store View

  • Customer Groups: Select Customer Group.
  • Store view: Select store view.

Google Analytics

  • You can set Google Analytics parameters which will be added to abandoned cart email links.

Email Settings

  • Email Template: Here we provide a default 25 email template, you can also create a template from MARKETING >> Email Templates Section. It will display in this dropdown and you can able to choose a different template for each schedule.
  • Schedule Time: You can set a scheduled time. For example, if you set Hours 5 and Minutes 10 then when the email queue is generated email will send after 5 hours and 10 minutes.
  • Discount and Coupon: You can offer a discount to the customer with a coupon code. Select required discount type, amount, and coupon code expiration days. If you don’t want to create your own discount you can also use Shopping Cart Rules. Note: If the 'Use Auto Generation' option in the coupon code field is checked then this rule will appear in the list.
  • Add New: You can add multiple schedules for the same rule and set different discounts.

Email Queue

  • When schedule time comes email will You can also “Cancel “or “Delete automatically send.” queue from Action. If there is some issue in sending mail you can check email logs for that.

Email Logs

  • Check Email Logs.

Blacklist Customer

Some examples of Follow Up Email templates

Customer Registration

Customer Login

Abandoned Cart

Order Placed

Holiday Mail

Newsletter Subscribe

Latest Offer on store

Customer Birthday

Review Reminder

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User Manual
  • Installation Guide Magebees Followupemail For Magento 2 Extension V1.0.0download here
  • User Guide Magebees Followupemail For Magento 2 Extension V1.0.0download here

Customer Reviews   7 item(s)
Got back many customers. Thanks to MageBees
My team regularly uses the follow-up email extension to send emails to customers: who have abandoned the cart or who have not made purchases in a long time. I love how we can automate the entire system and even include blacklist emails. Magebees thinks of everything.
Developer Support
Functions as Described
Review by georgia / (Posted on June 14, 2021)
The Best Follow Up Extension in Town
I have used many follow-up extensions but this one from MageBees takes the cake! Several ways to connect with customers efficiently and without any issues. Amazing in setting up a communication channel with past buyers and potential ones.
Developer Support
Functions as Described
Review by Rikhiv D / (Posted on May 14, 2021)
Great Job MageBees
I cannot believe I only need one extension to manage all types of email communication with customers. Now, there is no need to buy separate extensions for birthday wishes, new product announcement or general info-based newsletters. This follow-up extension has saved me so much money.
Developer Support
Functions as Described
Review by Harry / (Posted on April 24, 2021)
Much more than sending Abandoned Cart Emails
I always thought that follow-up emails are good for sending abandoned cart reminders. But when I read the MageBees blog recently, I understood the true importance of this extension. I have just purchased it and really excited to use it.

Developer Support
Functions as Described
Review by Jill / (Posted on April 8, 2021)
Follow up to take the sales up
Whether it is reminding customers about abandoned carts or recommending them a list of new products, I use this extension for every email communication. MageBees made me realize that customer communication is so important and this extension gave me several ideas to connect with them. I have now created a list of subscribers and I am in process of sending weekly newsletters as well. Thank you MageBees for this extension. It has made my business better.
Developer Support
Functions as Described
Review by Kathy / (Posted on March 17, 2021)
Trigger Emails Automatically
The best tool to trigger emails for several activities. I specifically purchased it for sending birthday wishes to customers but now, it is my go-to extension for all types of communication. It not only helps with growing sales but also has been instrumental in building a robust bond with customers.
Developer Support
Functions as Described
Review by Lorna / (Posted on March 9, 2021)
Most Needed Extension
Before installing this module I need to do lots of things to engage my customers. But after installing this wonderful Module I don't need to worry about it. All the things are managed very preciously.
Developer Support
Functions as Described
Review by Luke / (Posted on February 20, 2021)
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Functions as Described
Developer Support

Follow Up Email

20201-02-18 02:39:00
  • Version number: 1.0.0
  • Stability: Stable
  • Compatibility: Magento CE/EE 2.3.X, 2.4.X
  • Follow Up Email
  1. Q-1: I have installed the extension. I got the following error: "There has been an error processing your request". "Please upgrade your database: Run bin/magento setup:upgrade".

    Ans: Run "php bin/magento setup:upgrade" command to your terminal or command prompt. Please see installation user guide.

  2. Q-2: My email queue was not generated automatically.

    Ans: Please check whether cron job is configured properly in your store or not.

  3. Q-3: Unable to send emails.

    Ans: Please check the email log and view the status.

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