Custom Design Vs. Readymade Magento Theme: Time to Make up your Mind

Whether you are building a new website or thinking of upgrading the layout of an existing one, you have a crucial decision to make. Find out whether a custom design or a readymade Magento theme will suit your business better.

When you decide to buy a house, do you prefer move-in-ready homes? Or do you select a fixer-upper wherein you can do the repairs on your own or with the help of a home improvement company? No matter what option you choose, you will have a home at the end of it. Your level of involvement, the requirements of customization, and the duration of the work are the things that will affect your decision.

A similar analogy works for building a Magento e-commerce website. You can choose to hire a Magento developer and build a custom design from scratch. Alternatively, you can select a readymade Magento theme to get your website live and working in no time. Your decision depends on your requirements and budget.

Why Pay Attention to Website Design?

Several studies have pointed out that a well-built and functional e-commerce website will fare better every time. For example, an Amazon Web Services report mentioned that 88% of online shoppers say they would not return to a website after a bad user experience.

Your e-commerce store must have stunning visuals and an attractive user interface. So, paying attention to choosing between a custom design and a readymade Magento theme makes good business sense.

Readymade Magento Theme: A Quick Choice!

Thanks to several Magento themes available on the market, you do not have to rely on the default settings.

Many Magento development companies create readymade themes specially catered to different industries. For example, if you own a fashion accessories and clothing store, you can choose the Posh readymade Fashion theme to expedite the website development process.

A readymade Magento theme is an "off-the-shelf" option for store owners who have a limited budget. If you want a readymade visual design and pre-built layouts without spending time on creating a custom design, you can choose third-party Magento themes.

  • What is the Design Process for a Pre-Built Theme?

Once you buy a pre-built Magento store theme, you have to install the theme and select the font options, brand colors, and layout styles to customize the website. Once you make the selection, your website design is ready. Now, you can move to the development part and start adding the product catalog.

  • What are the Benefits of choosing a Readymade Magento Theme?

Choosing a pre-made template for your e-commerce venture can help you build an online brand quickly. The pros of a readymade Magento theme are:

  1. Cost is a decisive factor for entrepreneurs who are looking to increase sales with an online presence. For startups and small businesses, readymade Magento themes become affordable. You can get a decent Magento theme for under $150. Look for discounts and other promotional offers to reduce the price even further. It will keep your budget under check without having to spend hundreds of dollars on custom designs.

  1. Another benefit of choosing a readymade theme is that you can start selling your products quickly. A custom design may take time, thus delaying the launch of your e-commerce store. On the other hand, a readymade Magento template with built-in features will make your job simple.
  1. With a pre-built theme, you can see what your website will look when it is ready. It will save you from design edits and re-work in the future.
  1. You can seek support services from Magento development companies for a small cost. With dedicated support from the experts, you do not have to worry about customizations of fonts, colors, and layouts. It will enable you to troubleshoot issues and ensure the efficient working of your website.
  • Are there any Cons to choosing a Readymade Theme?

Every business decision you make will have its pros and cons. If you choose a readymade theme, you may face the following issues:

  1. Quality issues can creep up if you select a poorly-made Magento theme. It may slow down your website or cause technical glitches in the future.
  1. A pre-built Magento theme may not offer total customization. Although you may select brand colors and fonts, you will have to do with pre-made layouts options.
  1. If you select a Magento theme in haste, you may end up with features and functionalities of no use to you. For example, if you own an auto parts store, you need an auto parts theme with a built-in parts finder. If you buy a Magento theme without thorough research, you may end up with a multi-purpose theme whose features do not serve your purpose.
  • Quick Tips when buying a Pre-Built Magento Theme

To make the most of your purchase, keep in mind the following tips and suggestions:

  1. To avoid inconsistent designs and quality issues, work with an experienced and reputed Magento development company.
  1. Buy support services from the development company to avoid any unpleasant technical problems in the future.
  1. Seek reviews from past customers and research the development company online before making a decision.
  1. Go through the Magento theme demo in detail to find out whether the theme suits your business or not.
  1. Look for a development company that promises a money-back guarantee if you are dissatisfied with their products and services.

By taking calculated steps and well-informed decisions, you can benefit from choosing a readymade Magento theme.

Magento Custom Design: A Personalized Solution

If you want your e-commerce website to look like no other current website, you can choose the Magento custom design solution. With the help of a Magento development company, you will be able to transform your ideas and vision into a reality.

  • What is the Process for Customized Magento Store Development?

Choosing a custom design means working closely with the development team to explain your needs, requirements, and future business goals. You will have to spend time making them understand your brand to enjoy a highly customized design for your website.

  • Why choose Custom Design for Magento E-commerce Websites?

As it involves 100% personalization, custom designs are not cheap. If you are ready to spend time and money on having a customized Magento website, it will offer several benefits. Make sure you hire the best Magento custom store development services.

  1. With custom design services, you will enjoy a one-of-a-kind website that is built especially for your business. A unique layout will help you to stand apart from the competition and attract more customers.
  1. If you have specific requirements for store functionality or need customized admin features, opt for a custom theme to address all your needs. For example, if you prefer a particular payment gateway or require a specific shipping API on the website, a customized design and template will accommodate all your requests.
  1. A custom theme will also make future edits easier than a readymade theme with limited functionality. If you have a customized website, you can ask the same development company to add more functionalities depending on the changing business environment. The Magento professionals will also take care of troubleshooting and ensure that your website is working fine.
  • What are the Disadvantages of choosing a Custom Magento Theme?

Just like a readymade theme has its limitations, you will find that a custom Magento theme also has its cons. Understand them in detail to make your decision.

  1. It will take a long time to develop the website because you will have to sit with the development team and make decisions. As the developers will code and build every layout from scratch, they will need your approval for every step. And, if the website is complex, it may take several months to finish the project.
  1. Custom theme development is expensive in terms of time as well as money. You will have to pay an upfront development cost to the professional. In addition to the development fee, every customization will add to the expenditure.
  1. You may need Magento store maintenance and support services to manage the customization and complexities of the website. This way; you can fix errors quickly.
  • Helpful Suggestions when selecting Custom-Made Magento Theme

Here are a few suggestions to make sure a smooth custom website development project:

  1. Working with a reputed company is a given. You must also ensure that the professionals you choose are certified Magento developers with abundant experience.
  1. Do not forget to find out the approximate cost and the expected duration of the project to avoid surprises later.
  1. Consider a custom theme if you have the resources and vision to support your decision. Otherwise, it will delay the launch of your e-commerce store.

Your E-commerce Store is your Decision!

Your e-commerce store is a tool for supporting your business. Make sure your website works harder for you and attracts a higher number of customers. If you are a startup with a limited budget, there is no harm in choosing a readymade theme. It is perfectly acceptable to choose a pre-built Magento theme if you want to finish the website development process quickly.

Alternatively, if you want a stunning custom design, work with a development team to build a personalized website. No matter what option you choose, remember you are not stuck with it forever. You can always make changes depending on your business goals.

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