Quick Tips for choosing the Best Magento 2 Theme for your Fashion Store

As a store owner you can get caught in the functionalities of the website and forget to focus on the aesthetics. If you own a fashion brand, aesthetics and store layout become all the more important because they tell a story to your customers. And, the more attractive the store, the better your chances of building a loyal customer relationship.

The primary reason you build an online fashion store is to generate more sales by reaching a larger audience. So, every aspect of your e-commerce store should work towards your goal and not against it. Many store owners focus on the features and functionalities of the website but they forget about the aesthetics. It is essential to understand that in order to use the store functionalities, your customers should find the website attractive and easy to navigate, especially when you are in the business of style and beauty. It means the Magento 2 theme that you choose for your fashion store should be fashionable, beautiful and useful at the same time.

Magento 2 Theme: How to select the Best One for your Fashion Store?

Buying apparel, clothing accessories, purses, shoes and other fashion accessories are often emotional experiences. The customer may stumble upon your website and buy your products if the store is attractive and enables an easy shopping experience. Make sure that you keep in mind the following tips for choosing the best Magento 2 theme and attract a large number of visitors to your website.

1. SEO-Friendly and Responsive Design

Your fashion store may have the best products, useful features and superior customer shopping experience. But if the store is not SEO-friendly and your search-engine rankings are not high, all is lost. So, seek out a Magento theme that offers SEO-friendly, clean coding. Choose a theme that is built with CSS3 + HTML 5 so that it is 100% responsive. Selecting a multipurpose theme that works on different mobile devices and platforms will ensure increased SERPs.

Your theme should support RTL (right-to-left) layout along with a language and currency switcher option so that you can access a global audience. You must also ensure that it is compatible with Varnish Cache so customers can enjoy a seamless shopping experience even during high traffic.

2. User-Friendly Layout for Better Shopping Experience

Enabling your Magento store on every device is not enough! You need to have a user-friendly layout so that customers can find products quickly. Here are a few things that can make your fashion website user-friendly:

  • Responsive navigation menu to highlight different fashion categories and discount products easily.
  • Flexible search options such as Ajax-layered navigation and Ajax quick search for customers to expedite the shopping process.
  • Option to show recently visited products, related products, combo products on the product page to up-sell.
  • A fashion store needs a quick-view pop-up window to showcase products quickly.
  • Customers should be able to add products from any page.
  • When you own a clothing store or a jewelry website, you have several products. The theme should have an infinite scrolling option so that customers can checkout all the products easily.
  • An optimized checkout process to keep the cart abandonment rate low.
  • For a fashion store, the functionality of image flipper is an absolute must so customers can view your products from all angles.

3. Options to Customize the Magento Store

Magento is a popular e-commerce platform because it lets you customize your store and make it unique. If the Magento 2 theme doesn’t make customization an easy job, it is better to avoid it. Here are different elements that you should be able to customize:

  • Are you able to customize the home page layout?
  • You should be able to change the color of different elements of the website.
  • Option to customize the header and footer so that you can set links according to your customer’s needs.
  • There should be multiple category layout options (one column, two columns with left/right sidebar, two products per row, etc.) to best suit your products.
  • Option to show/hide buttons on category pages: Add to cart, add to wishlist, compare products, etc.
  • Multiple product page layout options (one column, vertical thumbnails and horizontal tabs, accordion tabs, etc.)
  • As a fashion store, the theme should allow you to display new products, most viewed products, featured products and best-seller products easily.
  • Opportunity to show different promotional messages and banners on the top. Also, you should be able to showcase daily deals in order to promote limited-time sales on the website.

4. Compatibility with the Latest Magento Versions

When you are doing business on an e-commerce platform, it is essential that you use the latest version. By keeping your store regularly updated, you prevent cyber attacks on your website and keep your customer information safe. The same logic applies to using Magento themes. Opt for a Magento 2 theme that is compatible with different versions of the platform. Even if you are currently using an older version, choose a theme that supports the latest version (Magento CE - 2.3x).  So, the next time you upgrade, your theme will not create any issues and deliver a streamlined shopping experience without any technical glitches.

5. Social Media Features for Better Connectivity

If you are not communicating with your customers and potential buyers, you will lose them to your competitors. And, the most effective way to communicate with them is by using social media.  Your fashion store must have social media profiles and you should connect them to your store. Also, customers should be able to share products and fashion-looks quickly. Having an Instagram gallery will enable you to increase your reach and improve your sales.

Uploading blogs is another way of communicating with your customers. Choose a Magento 2 fashion theme that offers a built-in blog module.

Haste is not a Good Look: Take your Time while choosing a Magento 2 Theme

Never choose a theme because of its popularity. A trendy Magento theme may not give you the desired results. But, a useful one will definitely make your fashion store successful. Understand your business, write down your requirements and then make a well-thought decision. Remember choosing the best Magento 2 theme requires effort and time.

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