Best 5+ Quotation Extensions of 2020 to enhance the B2B Features of Magento Store

Are you ready to enhance the B2B features of your Magento store? Start by adding a “Request for Quote” button and allowing your customers to negotiate online. Find out the best quotation extensions of 2020 and choose one that suits your requirements. We have included detailed descriptions along with pricing details and offers available for each extension.

The world of e-commerce is varied. It is not only limited to selling products to retail customers but there are many websites that specifically deal with wholesale buyers. If you own a B2B e-commerce store, you are known to the concept of Request for Quote. It is a standard practice that a majority of businesses employ in order to sign on a new vendor.

A Request for Quote or RFQ includes details of the product in question. The quotation offers price for exact product quantities, fulfillment details, and other information required for comparing different vendors. It also mentions a validity period for the quotation which helps both the parties in making a quick decision.

As RFQ is a customized practice that varies according to the requirements of the wholesale buyer, the default Magento settings prove to be insufficient in delivering enhanced features. You need features and functionalities that help your customers request for quotes and allow you to create quotations and follow-up efficiently.

Luckily, the Magento marketplace consists of thousands of Magento extensions that extend and improve the default functionalities of your store. However, several options mean confusion and eventually, delay in making business decisions. To help you incorporate a “Request for Quote” button, we have curated the list of the best quotation extensions of 2020. Explore the list to find your favorite Magento 2 Quotation Manager and get ready to offer a customized shopping experience to your customers.

1. Magento 2 Quotation Extension by MageBees

Best Magento Quotation Extension from MageBees

Price: $199

Discount: Use the code: SPEXT15OFF for 15% additional off on the extension.

Support: Free 1-year support

Updates: Free lifetime updates

Guarantee: 60 days money-back guarantee

When you want to offer customized prices to your customers, the “Add to Cart” button becomes unnecessary. You need a specialized button to help you connect with customers. And, a simple “Request for Quote” button is not enough. You need a system where you are notified of any new quotation requests immediately. You should be able to manage quote requests from multiple customers, send quotations quickly, and remind customers to make the purchase. All this and many other things are possible with the MageBees Quotation Manager. Here’s an image to tell you more about the best-selling MageBees extension.

How Quotation Manager Works

What’s so Special about the Quotation Extension?

  • Well-coded, extremely efficient custom “Cart 2 Quote” system.
  • Improve negotiation with customers with detailed communication history.
  • Registered customers and guest visitors can request for quote.
  • Ideal for all product types including simple, bundled, grouped and configurable ones.
  • Assign quotation requests for selected admin users easily.
  • Offer personalized discounts to customers separately.
  • Personalized email templates to address the varying needs of customers.
  • Send proposals in PDF format to customers.
  • The extension allows you to print the PDF proposal from the front-end as well as the back-end.
  • Send notifications as and when the quote is updated.
  • Display original prices as well as revised prices.
  • Including shipping fees, taxes, and other charges in the quotation.
  • Allow customers to submit the proposal price of the products they wish to buy.
  • Customers can attach files for improved communication.
  • Auto-approve quote if the discount of the submitted quote is less than the pre-approved percentage amount.
  • You can set a quote expiration time.
  • Send email reminders to customers before the quote expiration is scheduled.
  • Added functionality of “Mini-Quote” in the header section so that customers can view their current quote items without having to navigate to the quote details page.
  • Convert Quote 2 Order quickly with a single click and process the order as a normal order in the Magento store.

The Quotation Extension from MageBees is truly one of its kind. With tons of features, the company has kept in mind each and every requirement of the B2B customers as well as the store admin. With dedicated support and free lifetime updates, you can choose the extension to improve your store.

2. Request for Quote for Magento 2 from Mageplaza

Best Magento Quotation Extension from MagePlaza

Price: $249

Discount: NIL

Support: 365-day support

Updates: Lifetime updates

Guarantee: 60 days money-back guarantee

With Magento 2 Request for Quote extension from Mageplaza, customers can suggest their wished prices for multiple items at once. The “Add to Quote” buttons are placed next to any products, allowing shoppers to add the items to a special cart, called a quote cart.

In the quote cart, customers can change the current prices of items to the new ones, then submit the quote cart to the store for further negotiation. The advanced function is very significant to both shoppers and customers. Shoppers can raise their affordable prices and store owners do not miss the potential customers.

After viewing the quote requests, store owners/admins can approve, cancel, discuss with customers, and modify the quotes. Hence, the module supports both sides to reach a price agreement, which decreases cart abandonment with price reason and increase purchases.

3. Customer Quotation for Magento 2 from Land of Coder

Best Magento 2 Quote Extension from Land of Coder

Price: $169

Discount: Combo Offer on M2 Quotation + M2 Hide Price. Use code: QHP47 to save $47

Support: Free support

Updates: Free updates

Guarantee: 30 days money-back guarantee

With this Magento 2 quote extension, you can manage and create a quote request on the front-end or start quotation from the backend. Also, you can negotiate the price with your customers easier.

Your customers can send quotes with custom prices and custom product quantity that can be created quickly. Store admin can offer a special price by adjusting the quote subtotal as a percentage from the backend. Land of Coder Magento 2 Quote Extension also comes with follow-up quote email, department assignment, attaching PDF proposals and much more.

In this way, the customer will freely negotiate using this Magento 2 request a quote extension.

4. Magento 2 Request for Quote by BSS Commerce

Best Magento Request for QUote Extension from BSS Commerce

Price: $199

Discount: NIL

Support: Free 1-year support

Updates: Free lifetime updates

Guarantee: 30 days money-back guarantee

By using Magento 2 Quote extension by BSS Commerce, you can enable the “Add to Quote” button for all or specific products of any type. That way, customers can add multiple products to the quote request, include notes, and send it to the store owner.

This is a better option than negotiating over the phone and then converting it into an online order. You will be able to track communication and negotiate quickly and effectively. As a store admin, you can personalize the price per quote request, adjust the quantity of the quote item and unit price, add new products, and include comments to specify the quote decision

For customers, it becomes easy to convert the quote to order with the agreed price and quantity. If they are unhappy with the price, they can re-submit the quote request with new prices and quantities.

5. Magento Quotation Extension from Cart 2 Quote

Best Magento Quote Extension from Cart 2 Quote

Price: Multiple options

Discount: NIL

Support: Multiple support options

Updates: Multiple update options

Guarantee: 30 days money-back guarantee

The quotation extension from Cart 2 Quote, enables customers to not only put items in their carts but to put them in quotations as well. Making it easier to negotiate over specialized custom goods and higher quantities, it is an important B2B Magento extension.

The company offers multiple editions of the extension and offers flexible pricing options to suit your budget. It has a basic free extension that allows you to include a request button for all types of products. You will be able to answer the customers but creating new quotes from the backend will require you to upgrade the plan. You can opt for higher editions of the extension for the quick support and free updates along with many essential features.

6. Request for Quote for Magento 2 from Amasty

Best Magento Request for Quote Extension from Amasty

Price: $319

Discount: NIL

Support: 90-days free support

Updates: Free lifetime updates

Guarantee: 60 days money-back guarantee

Easily interact with customers regarding prices for products with Magento 2 quote extension from Amasty. You can make highly personalized purchasing offers and grow sales revenue by understanding buyers’ demands.

The extension enables you to create accurately adjusted pricing offers for both B2B and B2C buyers. Your customers will be able to negotiate over the prices and create quotes in one click from any web store page. Promptly customize the offer based on customers’ type or order size, thus motivating them for new orders.

The extension includes multiple features such as checking customer information, quote tracking for customers, adjustment of shipping and delivery options, and allowing customers to move from quote to cart quickly.

Make Negotiations Easy!

Your B2B customers need an avenue to discuss product configurations and prices with you. If you follow the traditional approach and discuss quotations over the phone, it can leave room for errors. Instead, enhance your store features and include a quotation extension.

Get request for quotes online, send quotations, discuss and offer your customers a chance to negotiate with you. Make shopping simpler and improve sales numbers!

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