Best Magento 2 Extensions that make Wholesale E-Commerce Store Better

Wholesale businesses sell products in large quantities. They often offer unique customization features and negotiate price points with customers. For Magento stores focusing on wholesale buyers, the default Magento function may not be sufficient to address their unique needs. In such situations, you need customized extensions that are built specially for the wholesale business.

2019’s Most Useful Magento 2 Extensions for Wholesale Businesses

Do not buy Magento 2 extensions just because your competitor is using them. It’s 2019 and copying your competitors is out of fashion. Instead, make a list of problems that you face while managing your business and choose extensions that address those problems successfully.

Problem: Inability to add Multiple Child Products to the Cart all at once

Your wholesale buyers may require specific quantities of each child product. The default Magento function doesn’t have a system that allows buyers to choose multiple child products all at once.

Wholesale Configurable Products Extension

Solution: Magento 2 wholesale configurable products extension can put an end to your trouble. With the module, you will be able to display a grid format/product matrix on the side of the parent product. Customers will be able to select child products and edit the quantities in the grid without having to reload the page all the time. The extension will calculate and display the amount in the matrix for better transparency. You can include unit price, tier price, available quantities, etc. in the grid. For websites that sell to wholesalers and retail customers, the extension offers an option to restrict the features to specific customer groups.

You can display the functionality on the product listing page and enable buyers to finish their shopping from a single page. M2 wholesale configurable products extension is the perfect option for saving time of wholesale buyers and offering them a convenient way of shopping child products.

Problem: Inability to buy Multiple Products in Bulk.

Wholesale buyers shop for a large quantity of products. Imagine the frustration that they must be feeling in going to every single product page to buy different products. It wastes their time and ruins the shopping experience.

Wholesale Fast Order Extension

Solution: With the help of Magento 2 wholesale fast order extension, you will be able to reduce shopping time. Enable the extension for a specific group of customers so that they are able to add multiple products from a page or a pop-up window. They will be able to search for products not only by name but via SKU as well. The Ajax-based search, along with auto complete features, ensures that wholesale buyers are able to find products quickly. There is also the option of using a CSV file to add the list of required products directly to the cart.

Do not worry if you sell different products such as configurable products, bundled products, simple products with custom options, virtual products or grouped products. M2 wholesale fast order extension works with all types of products. It is truly a user-friendly interface that allows for quick and efficient navigation.

Problem: Inability to Hide Prices. Default Magento Settings don’t allow for Better Price Negotiation.

There are times when you want to hide prices on the website. You may not want to show the price unless a customer registers on the website. You may also want to give customers opportunity to negotiate the price. However, default Magento doesn’t offer streamlined options for price negotiation.

Magento 2 Call for Price Extension

Solution: If you are looking to hide prices from specific customer groups such as guests and wholesale buyers, opt for Magento 2 Hide Price extension. You will be able to disable the price and replace the “add to cart” button with customized buttons such as “call for price” or contact for price”. Once the customer clicks on “call for price” option, a pop-up window will collect his information and store it in the admin panel for further action. It will allow you to negotiate the price and quantities easily.

Along with the MageBees extension to hide prices on e-commerce stores, there are other companies that offer Call for Price extension options.

If hiding prices and eliminating the “add to cart” button are not your priorities, but you need a systematic way of managing quotations, consider Magento 2 quote extension. It offers a user-friendly interface to connect to the customers. By using the extension, you will be able to add “Add to Quote” button. By clicking on the button, customers will be able to request for quotes. All request statuses are visible in  the customer’s account under “My Quotations”. Admin will handle all requests via the admin panel and negotiate with customers via email.

The extension even allows for editing the quotations and sending revised ones, if the buyer rejects the previous quotation. It is ideal when you want to streamline the negotiation process and manage communication in a better way.

There’s always the Option of Customization!

Now, you know all about the best Magento 2 extensions for the wholesale business. If you need more specialized tools to manage your business in a better way, do not shy away from opting for custom Magento modules. Seek  reputed Magento extensions developers who will listen to your needs and create custom Magento extensions with clean codes and useful features.

Use the best Magento 2 extensions to address the needs of your customers and build a successful wholesale store online. Work with, the best Magento development company and get feature-rich extensions to lead your business to success.

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