Affordable Medical USA

Affordable Medical USA

Affordable Medical USA is a company from Columbia, South Carolina. It provides medical equipment such as scooters, power chairs, manual wheel chairs, walking aids, patient lifts, bed & accessories, vehicle lifts, ramps, bathroom safety equipment, stair lifts etc. has worked with Mr. Eric Crane of Affordable Medical USA. In 2014, we built a solid website for the company. Mr. Crane contacted us again to upgrade the website to Magento 2. We enhanced the website design and added several new features to keep it attractive and user-friendly.

Scope of Improvement

  • Migrate the website to Magento 2 and add the necessary extensions to upgrade the store.
  • Include new, professional layout with responsive design.
  • Improve website navigation.
  • Make finding products easy for customers.
  • Increase total number of orders and boost sales numbers.
  • Manage a better customer support system.
  • Simplify the product rental process on the website.
  • Create a blog and manage store traffic effectively.
Affordable Medical USA
Affordable Medical USA


  • Upgraded the store to the latest Magento 2 version with same URLs so that website traffic is not affected.
  • Applied a new responsive design to make the website more attractive and user friendly.
  • Applied a top-class search feature to deliver accurate and quick results from the large catalog.
  • Setup and configured one-step checkout extension to simplify the checkout process.
  • Installed Mega Menu extension so that client can manage categories from the back-end.
  • Created a section for rentals so that customers can rent products according to their requirements.
  • Added Help and FAQ section for better customer experience.
  • Setup and configured Shop by Brand extension to incorporate brand sliders, alphabetical brand listing, search option, etc.


  • After migrating to Magento 2, the website loading time reduced phenomenally. And, with the addition of new features and extensions, the store witnessed an improvement in sales.
  • Ancillary pages such as Help and FAQ enabled customers to understand the products in a better way and thus, improved sales. The one-page checkout extension decreased cart abandonment rate.
  • With efficient management of rental products online, the need for cumbersome paperwork reduced. There was a significant increase in customer satisfaction as well.
  • In conclusion, website traffic and sales increased rapidly after completion of the project.

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