About Us

MageBees is a venture by Capacity Web Solutions Pvt Ltd. We sell premium Magento extensions at competitive prices and deliver high-quality features and support to our customers. In the business since 2009, we have built many Magento extensions, created new e-commerce stores and helped our clients upgrade their websites to the latest Magento version.

We believe in going the extra mile and delighting our customers with robust Magento solutions. So, whether it is creating a custom Magento module, enhancing store performance or migrating a Magento store, we are trusted by e-commerce store owners across the globe.

We have worked on several Magento themes, extensions and websites and solved complex problems to deliver value. With complete knowledge of the code and database structure of each Magento version, we are truly your best bet to win the world of e-commerce business.

Our Focus

Our focus is to create Magento extensions with the best features that are high in quality and extremely secure. We believe in offering reliable and advanced Magento solutions to our customers. We work hard to study the market trends and requirements of online businesses to create useful solutions.

We are committed to your business and will work hard to take your business to new heights of success.