Abandoned Cart For Magento 2

Abandoned Cart Email Extension For Magento 2

 | v1.0.0
  • Track Abandoned Cart on your Website
  • Recover Lost Sales and Increase Orders
  • Communicate with Potential Customers easily
  • Set Criteria for Cart Abandonment
  • Customize Rules and Schedules for Retention Emails
  • Customize Email Templates
  • Manage Email Campaign Effectively than before
  • Set Google Analytics Parameters to Email Links
  • Create Discount Coupon Codes

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Magento 2 Abandoned Cart Email

If you are crippled by abandoned carts and low revenue, install MageBees abandoned cart extension. It will send retention emails to customers and help you win back sales. With the Magento 2 extension, you can stay on top of sales data, decide what kind of discounts to offer to potential buyers, customize email templates and do a lot more to increase your customer base! The abandoned cart email extension is here to take your sales number to a new level!

To ensure that you use the extension to its optimum level, we have provided you with admin demo. For more clarity of the extension features, here are a few screenshots:

Create Abandoned Cart Rules:

  • Add title for the rule
  • Change rule status - Active/Inactive
  • Apply rule to particular customer groups and store view
  • Set priority or sort order to apply rule

Customize Condition for Sending Cart Retention Email:

  • Create rules to sent email reminders to customers
  • Choose the condition when customer will not get an email
  • Create rules when customer will get discount

Schedule for Sending Email:

  • Choose different templates for each schedule
  • Set schedule time
  • Offer a discount to the customer with coupon code
  • Add multiple schedules for the same rule and set different discounts

Set Google Analytics Parameters:

  • You can set Google Analytics parameters which will be added to abandoned cart email links.

Manage Email Campaign:

Check Email History:

Email Template with Coupon Code:

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User Manual
  • User Guide Magebees Abandoned Cart For Magento 2 Extension V1.0.0download here
  • Installation Guide Magebees Abandoned Cart For Magento 2 Extension V1.0.0download here

Customer Reviews   7 item(s)
Best Cart Abandonment Tool
By far, this is the best extension for dealing with abandoned carts. Use it to send reminders to customers. Overall, a significant rise in revenue. Worth buying.
Functions as Described
Developer Support
Review by Jessicah / (Posted on March 22, 2019)
A Significant Reduction in Cart Abandonment Rate
This Magento extension is feature-rich. No bugs and no issues at all. Also, by sending reminder emails to shop more, the sales number of my Magento store have improved a lot. Sales team is very happy.
Functions as Described
Developer Support
Review by MagentoDev14 / (Posted on March 18, 2019)
Tackling Abandoned Carts is now Easy
My team was lucky to stumble upon MageBees. Their abandoned cart extension is well-built and delivers solid results. It makes tracking abandoned carts simple. Sales have increased by 20%. And, it has just been a month. I hope to see more improvement.
Functions as Described
Developer Support
Review by Abigail S. / (Posted on March 15, 2019)
5 Stars!!!
We needed an extension that took care of our growing cart abandonment rate. And, this extension did just the same. The abandoned cart module works as described. It offer multiple customization features which makes it my top choice.
Functions as Described
Developer Support
Review by Kate / (Posted on March 11, 2019)
Improve Sales by Converting Visitors into Buyers
This extension has single-handedly helped me increase the sales. I am able to contact casual visitors easily and attract them to make the purchase. Every online store can benefit from it.
Functions as Described
Developer Support
Review by kathy / (Posted on March 9, 2019)
A Perfect Marketing Tool for Increasing Sales!
I must say this extension has changed the sales numbers! Do not worry if your customers have left the cart without purchasing the products. With this extension, you have one more chance to convince them. You can send email reminders and persuade customers to finish the shopping process. Best part is that you can send them discounts codes quickly to motivate them.
Functions as Described
Developer Support
Review by Nash / (Posted on January 18, 2019)
Perfect Solution
This extension really reduce a lot of cart abandonment rate. Email template was eye catching.
Functions as Described
Developer Support
Review by George / (Posted on November 1, 2018)
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Abandoned Cart For Magento 2

2018-10-29 05:03:30
  • Version number: 1.0.0
  • Stability: Stable
  • Compatibility: Magento CE 2.0.x , 2.1.x , 2.2.x
  1. Q-1: I have Installed Extension. I got following error. “There has been an error processing your request”. “Please upgrade your database: Run bin/magento setup:upgrade”.

    Ans : Run “php bin/magento setup:upgrade” command to your terminal or command prompt. Please see installation guide for that.

  2. Q-2: My email queue was not generated automatically.

    Ans :Please check cron job is configured properly on your store or not.

  3. Q-3: Mail is not sending.

    Ans :Please check history list and check the status for mail not sending.

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