Why Choose MageBees for your Magento e-commerce Store?

Did you know MageBees offers a host of Magento services to help you navigate the world of e-commerce? From building useful Magento extensions and themes, installing security patches, and providing SEO services for an e-commerce store, learn why MageBees is your top-rated Magento development company.

Magento is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms today. The reason behind the success of Magento is flexibility, scalability, and security. Unlike other platforms, Magento gives you the power to customize your e-commerce website the way you like it.

However, in this age of instant gratification, business owners want their e-commerce websites to reflect immediate changes and remain appealing to its users 24X7. When you want to alter your website and take advantage of the constantly changing environmental conditions, this is for sure: you need to have the expertise of the e-commerce platform that you have employed for the website.

Instead of opting for the traditional approach of hiring a dedicated Magento developer, you can hire a Magento development company to expedite the process and make you a market leader in your industry of choice. With a Magento development company, you get to enjoy the expertise and experience of multiple Magento developers and e-commerce strategists. And, that is why; we recommend you to choose MageBees as your Magento solutions provider!

  1. Wide Plethora of E-commerce Services

The best thing about choosing MageBees is the wide range of services we offer. We understand that your e-commerce needs are not limited to Magento store development. You may want to add new categories in the future, update the store features, and make it more user-friendly. We understand that you require an expert who is in the game for the long haul and provides you with in-depth solutions.

To keep your e-commerce store in top shape, we help in constant upkeep and maintenance of your website with the help of the following services:
Services from MageBees

  1. No Substitute for Experience

MageBees is in the business of Magento store development since 2009. For the past 11 years, the company has worked with several, big and small, e-commerce brands. With vast knowledge and immense experience of serving different industries, we will be able to create a new e-commerce store from scratch, build custom Magento extensions, and tackle any problem at hand. We are diligent in our services and aim to solve e-commerce problems that affect businesses. 

  1. A Team of Magento Developers at your Beck and Call

Business owners across the globe prefer Magento for their e-commerce needs because it is an open-source platform, and so, the store development is easy. You can customize the website to suit your varied needs. However, it is cumbersome to find experienced Magento developers who understand your business and offer solutions that match your expectations. At MageBees, we are a team of dedicated Magento developers who will help you navigate through the nitty-gritty of the e-commerce world. Whether you need a full-time developer or you need someone to offer consultation on a project-basis, discuss your needs with us.

  1. Best Magento Extensions and Readymade Themes

From import/export tools, navigation modules, extensions that increase sales, SEO-based modules to essential shopping cart tools, our developers have built useful Magento extensions to enhance the features of your e-commerce store. The MageBees developers will help you to customize the extensions if your website requires specialized features. We can even create new extensions solely based on your requirements. With competitive pricing and lifetime free updates available for all Magento extensions, we promise the most advanced e-commerce store features within your budget.

If you want to create a Magento website, we have built readymade, responsive Magento templates and themes for niche industries. For example, if you own a wine store, our Magento wine store theme will help you to build a website in no time. With responsive designs, customization features, and a bunch of Magento 2 extensions for free, you will be able to create an elegant wine store quickly. You can check out all our themes and make a choice.

Readymade Themes from MageBees

  1. Dedicated Support for your E-commerce Store

When a project is over, development companies are often unwilling to help clients with their queries and doubts. It becomes a problem for clients who do not have a technical background. Whether you are accustomed to using Magento or not, our dedicated support ensures that we are with you every step of the way. Whether you want to add new store features, install a security patch, or upgrade an extension, our team can help you. Contact our team and create a unique support ticket whenever you face a technical issue. The MageBees team will get back to you at the earliest with a robust solution.

With MageBees to help you manage your website, there is nothing left than to rule the world of e-commerce. Make a list of things that are essential to help you manage your online business, and we will take care of it. If you want to update your Magento store to the latest version or migrate from M1 to M2, our team can help you.

You can even hire our consultation services in case you need help with creating e-commerce and SEO strategies for your business. Trust our reliable services and customer-friendly support to take you to the next level of success.

Checkout our portfolio to find out how we have helped our clients to make their businesses a success. We can help you too!

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