4 Reasons to launch a Beauty E-commerce Store for your Cosmetics Brand

Changing business environment and evolving customer tastes mean you need to be online. Launch an e-commerce beauty and cosmetics store to sell your makeup and beauty products online. Find out what kind of Magento cosmetics theme you require to build a stunning online presence.

Gone are the days when only a handful of big players controlled the beauty market. Thanks to the wide availability of the internet and consumers' acceptance to make the purchase online, there are several new brands in the beauty and cosmetics industry. If you own a business manufacturing and/or selling cosmetic products, you need to be online. It is time to invest in your business and upgrade it to the next level.

Why sell Cosmetic Products Online?

It is time to cater to a large target market. Let’s find out why you should expand your business and take your makeup brand online.

1. Beauty is more Inclusive!

A recent Nielsen survey found out that the American beauty industry is finally opening up to diversity! In the past, makeup and beauty products were accessible by only a handful of ethnicities. Today, manufacturers are more mindful of the diverse complexions of their customers. They are now offering a broader range of product options to the consumers. On the global level, sales of multicultural beauty products are surging at an astounding pace.

If your cosmetic products cater to a wide range of men and women from different ethnicities, it is essential to reach the larger target market. And, it is only possible if you are selling your makeup products over the internet. Your website will open up new avenues for your business and enable you to reach more customers than ever.

2. The Demands of the Current Business Environment

The global pandemic of 2020 proved to retailers that they should not exclusively depend on physical stores. Although one cannot discount brick-and-mortar stores, a robust online presence is essential to sustain your brand. In the new year, you will have to offer multiple shopping opportunities to your customers. In addition to a physical retail store, your business needs an e-commerce website, shoppable social media platforms, and online marketplaces to improve customer spending.

3. Consumer Needs are Changing

As a cosmetic business, you need to understand the short-term and long-term implications of the COVID-19 pandemic. Given the current reality of working from home, complying with the social distancing measures, and ensuring protective measures to prevent the virus (wearing masks, face shields, and gloves), customers are reluctant to buy makeup products and fragrances. Although, the sale of eye-cosmetics, skincare, haircare, and bath-and-body products is on the rise. There is also a surge in DIY beauty products.

With a website, you can take advantage of a massive database and AI learning to access a large community of your consumers, followers, and influencers. It will help you to gather big data through surveys, questionnaires, and quizzes. Learn about the spending habits and shopping preferences of your customers. And adopt a digital-to-design approach to create beauty and makeup products that consumers are willing to buy.

4. The relevance of VR and AR Technology in the Beauty Industry

Today, the biggest challenge is to provide customers a way to understand the products without trying on samples. Sampling products in a physical store is one thing, but the same activity in an e-commerce setting is difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. And, social media platforms do not provide opportunities to try products before buying them. Solution: A feature-rich website.

You can make use of VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality). With the help of virtual try-on tools, customers can choose the exact shade and color of cosmetics to match their skin tone. Enhanced AR experience and virtual beauty consultations will allow customers to gain knowledge about makeup products. It will help them in making informed decisions.

Sell Makeup and Cosmetics Online to Grow your Business

Once you identify what cosmetic products you want to sell online and sort out the distribution channels, the only thing that remains is creating an online store. By choosing to launch an e-commerce store on Magento, you will be able to customize the website. It will also help you to scale it according to the changing demands of your business.

To build a fully-functional e-commerce store that offers interactive features to your customers, you need to choose an effective and efficient Magento theme. A readymade Magento cosmetics theme will expedite the website development process. It will also ensure the cost-effectiveness of the entire project.

What to look for in a Magento Cosmetics Theme?

There are tons of readymade Magento cosmetics themes available on the market. However, choose by researching the essential features required for your website. In today’s competitive world of e-commerce, your website is your best salesperson. Make sure the Magento theme that you choose offers the following features:

  1. Choose a CSS3 + HTML 5, 100% responsive theme to ensure stunning display on different devices and platforms.
  2. The theme should include high-end back-end features for easy customization and scalability.
  3. Multiple page layouts and different header/footer options to customize the e-commerce store.
  4. Option to personalize the colors, fonts, and logos to match the brand.
  5. Built-in SEO features to ensure SEO-friendliness from the beginning.
  6. Pre-enabled Google Rich Snippets and Google Fonts features for enhanced search-engine rankings.
  7. RTL-support and Varnish Cache-support.
  8. The theme should support Ajax Quick View and Quick Search.
  9. It should have one-click add-to-cart and one-step checkout features for encouraging higher sales numbers.

Buy the Best Magento 2 Cosmetics Theme!

Are you ready to avail the benefits of the changing business environment and evolving needs of your customers? Launch a stunning and elegant e-commerce website to get ahead of the competition and take your makeup and cosmetic brand to greater heights of success.

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