Let’s Talk Fashion! 4 Essential Features for Successful Fashion E-commerce Store

Differentiating your fashion e-commerce website from other run-of-the-mill stores can make you a favorite of fashionistas! Let’s learn what features can make your store unique and create a large online following of your fashion brand.

In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different! - Coco Chanel

No matter what you choose to do, the words of Coco Chanel ring true! If you are a budding fashionista with an eye on the e-commerce market, it is the right time to build a website and sell apparel that makes your customers feel fashionable and stylish!

With the global pandemic of Novel Coronavirus proving to be endemic, the way we shop for clothes has changed drastically. There was a time when a majority of the shoppers put faith in the neighborhood fashion outlet instead of wading through the online store. However, safety and convenience have made the online e-commerce option more promising to fashionistas, young and old!

If you are looking to build an e-commerce website for your fashion brand, standing out in the crowd becomes a crucial choice. Let’s find out how to make your fashion website the best in the market. It’s time to understand what are the requirements of fashion shoppers when they shop over the web.

  1. Customer Reviews: Learning from the Shopping Experience of Others

Amidst the intensity of marketers competing for the customers’ wallet, it can get confusing. Several clothing brands and fashion websites sell the same products at the same prices. So, what differentiates your website from others? It is the loyalty and trust that your customers put into your brand. And, customer loyalty can become a motivator for potential buyers to hit the “add to cart” button. Showcase reviews on your product pages and mention customer feedback on the home page so that people can understand your USP and make the purchase.

  1. Share it on Socials: Ability to share Favorites on Social Media 

When you decide to build an e-commerce store for your fashion business, make sure you offer social-media-friendly features. Customers should have the opportunity to share products on their favorite social media websites and even send product URLs to their friends for a quick review. For the same reason, it is best to choose a responsive design for your website. It will enable the visibility of your e-commerce store on any device. It means if the consumer is mobile, you will be too!

  1. Shopping Experience: Make it as Personal as Possible!

With your physical store, the salesperson has the opportunity to convince customers by striking camaraderie. Over time, salespeople and customers form a unique bond and friendship that helps you to make the sales. The same is not possible with an e-commerce website. However, you can personalize the customer experience in a few ways:

  1. Offer auto-fill features for the checkout so that customers can shop quickly.
  2. Allow customers to scan products and find related information such as reviews and tutorials.
  3. Include store features that enable customers to find products according to a previous purchase.
  4. Send stock alerts for their favorite products.
  5. Send birthday wishes to customers via email and offer personalized discounts for their special days.
  1. Search Results: Best Liked when Tailormade

While creating a fashion e-commerce store, you must make sure that the navigation is customer-friendly. Include as many menu and sub-menu items for convenience. Additionally, make the search feature robust. If your customer has to go through several pages to find their beloved brand and favorite products, it can reflect poorly on your business. Allow several filtering options for different product attributes and Ajax features so that customers can enjoy tailormade search results.  

How to build a Fashion E-commerce Store Quickly?

Now that you know all about the store features that will make your fashion e-commerce store successful, here’s one essential tip: Use a readymade Magento fashion theme to build your website in no time. With the ongoing business environment, several fashion brands are trying to establish themselves online. It is essential to launch your website quickly. And, using the Magento platform and a pre-built theme is the way to go!

Magento is an open-source platform thus, allowing you to customize the website. With superior flexibility and scalability options, you can build an e-commerce store in no time. It is a better option to choose a readymade theme than spending time customizing one because it offers several personalization options in terms of built-in customer-friendly features, multiple page layout options, and better navigation functionality.

How to choose the Best Magento Fashion Store Theme?

If you are in the market for the best Magento fashion store theme, you may get overwhelmed with the number of options. However, to choose the best Magento theme, you need to list your requirements and compare each option. Ideally, choose a Magento theme that offers the following features:

  • Responsive web design for easy access on all devices.
  • Several color options and customization features.
  • Options to choose home page layouts.
  • Ability to customize category pages and product pages.
  • Superior navigation features for customer convenience.
  • Ajax-enabled search features for quick product search.
  • Faster checkout page for higher impulse purchases.
  • Compatibility with Google Rich Snippets and other SEO-features.
  • Social media sharing.
  • Support for RTL layout and Varnish Cache.

Do not forget to choose a Magento development company that offers a trial period. It is crucial to understand that even though the extension may be perfect on paper, you may face trouble with the installation. And, you will require the support of the company. If you do not see the Magento developer as a good fit for your fashion brand, you need to have a way out with a money-back guarantee. You have to focus on theme features and price, and you also need to pay attention to the reputation of the company selling the theme to you.

It’s time to take your stylish brand to online fashionistas!

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